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Pregnancy Myths Infographic

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The truth behind some popular pregnancy myths, according to pediatricians and other experts. Did we miss any? Share them in the comments below (and we might debunk those too)! Embed this image on your site: <a href=””>< rel=”thumbnail” img src=”” ... Read More »

Baby Jogger City Lite – Coming Soon!


If you thought the City Mini was a basic stroller, wait until you meet the new Baby Jogger City Lite! The City Lite is a Lightweight stroller with simple functionality; this stroller can navigate your urban setting with ease while the all-wheel ... Read More »

Stroller Stereotypes


I can’t say judging people by their stroller choice is the right thing to do, but so many stroller pushers are the exactly stereotypes for the buggy they chose. So I will share my thoughts on the matter:) Beginning with ... Read More »

Teaching Kids the Attitude of Gratitude


Raising grateful children is not as simple as having them memorize the alphabet. Sure, they can learn it by rote, but genuine appreciation is an ongoing process up until they reach adulthood. Toddlers are expected to be self-centered, but teaching ... Read More »

Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3


With the new Bugaboo Bee3 coming out this September, so many are asking what are the differences between the current Bugaboo Bee+ vs the new Bugaboo Bee3? Bugaboo Bee+ Bugaboo Bee3 Open Dimensions LxWxH 36 x 21 x 34.5 39 x ... Read More »

Top Ten Toddler Safety Tips

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Safety begins at home and should be a consistent factor everywhere you go. This is especially true if you have young children. Toddlers are vulnerable to accidents, so protecting them from harm should be foremost in all that you do. ... Read More »

Learning Carpets – Loads of Fun!


I don’t know about you, but I grew up alongside my brother pushing matchbox cars on faded, creased plastic mats. Without exaggeration, we must have spent hours a week spinning around energetically, crashing into each other so many times, someone’s ... Read More »

Free Britax Affinity Color Pack


Get a free Britax Affinity color pack with the purchase of the Affinity Stroller The Britax Affinity stroller bases are discounted from $599.99 to $480.00. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy yours now, for a limited time ... Read More »

Review: Bumbleride Indie Strollers


Most of the time, athletic parents and family members feel they have to slow down when it comes to moving their baby around. With ordinary baby strollers, this seems to be the only speed option: slow, steady, and practically walking ... Read More »

5 Tricks to Save Up for the New Baby

Learn smart tricks to save up for your new baby.

Having a baby entails its own special economics. It needs an entirely new kind of financial responsibility that requires planning way ahead before giving birth. Aside from crunching big numbers involving hospital bills, medical expenses, and even school tuition fees, ... Read More »