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Introducing the Maclaren Grand Tour Stroller LX Luxury Transport System New of 2009

From the Manufacturer: The Grand Tour LX brings uncompromising comfort and high performance design to the junior set, making their first ‘grand tour’ of the outside world a luxurious one.
The innovative GT LX incorporates new high tech features never before seen in a stroller, such as safety lights operated via remote control, and a dashboard console with ‘driving instruments’, including a clock, temperature gauge and Strollometer┬« that measures how far and how fast mom is ‘strolling’ her way back into shape, via a wireless sensor.
This Stroller is really impressive. We were not given a price of it as of yet, but no worries we will definately keep you informed!
I can not wait to preview this stroller the show! One thing is for sure I LOVE IT! I love the idea of a Strollometer! My greatest form of excersize is walking with my baby as we both love it! And we get to spend quality time together! Instead of packing off to a gym, walking on a boring treadmil and leaving him in the child care!
I will definately update on this one! And cant wait to see it!

Just got back from the ABC show and previewed this stroller. This stroller is In a Nutshell is Fully Loaded! Its got the Bassinet (Carry Cot), Diaper Bag, Mosquito Net, Rain Sheild, Car Seat Adapter. All Included! The nice thing about it too is that it can fold with the seat on! I loved the Stollometer ( I Knew I would!) I actually tried it out and it was really cool. Its got some sort of magnet thing on the wheel that picks up the rotation and speeds and sends it wirelessly to the strollometer thats on the handlebard of the stroller. Its really cool!
It comes in many cool colors too. (at least 6 or so!).

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  1. I have a Strollometer that I use on my Maclaren Techno. To build it into a stroller
    is just brilliant! I bet it’s going to be the next ‘big thing’.

  2. I have to agree with you. The strollometer feature is really cool!

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