The Mountain Buggy Plus One is Coming! This innovative stroller is the first inline stroller by mountain buggy. The stroller is great as a single stroller and has enough room for an extra seat making room for a toddler.

The great thing about it, is even when being used as a single it looks great. Some other strollers (no names!) when used as a single but can accommodate a double the frame is Huge! Not the case with the mountain buggy Plus One. Its a great single and a great double!

The one thing that really jumps out at you with the mountain buggy plus one is the canopy! Its HUGE! Its AWESOME! Its got great ventilation and I think its the largest canopy you can find on any stroller!

The mountain buggy plus one comes complete with the second seat and a cocoon for an infant for a $699 retail price.

Cant wait for this stroller to come out! Its really awesome!

When pushing this stroller it really feels like you’re pushing a single! Its awesome!

Check back soon for details!
mountain buggy plus onemountain buggy plus one