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Sneak Peak of Pictures of the Bob Revolution SE 2011 Strollers

Whats New?

Improved Seat and Harness

Heat-press technology adds to the comfort of the seat.

Redesigned seat back provides increased support and a more upright position.

New 5-point harness has increased adaptability for a more secure fit.

Accessory Adapter

This integrated feature enables quick and easy installation of the Infant Car Seat Adapter (ICSA) and Snack Tray. (Sold Sep.)


New design maintains coverage but has improved function and appearance.


Plastic footrest instead of fabric for a more sturdy and easier to clean footrest.

Safety Strap

Now on the handlebar for extra safety while jogging.

What Stays the same?

Solid frame with reliable performance

Adjustable suspension system

Easy two-step fold

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bob revolution se 2011

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I am a regular mom of the most adorable baby girl! I was working at PishPosh for almost 2 years before I had my baby. I pretty much knew exactly what gear would work for me and my lifestyle after my hands-on experience. I love researching new products and sharing the updates with fellow moms who care about what's new in the fascinating and ever-changing Baby Gear World.

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    Can you use the Bob Duallie 2011 with a car seat adapter for an infant and at the same time with a toddler?


    Sure! You can use the Bob Revolution Duallie 2011 with a graco car seat adapter and a toddler at the same time. Take a look at the duallie adapter on our website (currently for graco only) and you will get a better idea of how it works!

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