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The All-New Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax b agile doubleFor 2012, Britax has converted their most wonderful Britax B-Agile Stroller into a double buggy! This stroller is coming to us in just a few weeks, and we expect it to become quite popular quite quickly! We haven’t actually seen it ourselves, because it hasn’t been released yet, but as as soon as it is – you can be sure that we will have them!

Firstly, the Britax B Agile Double has all the great features of the single B-Agile, but it can now hold two children. The stroller’s frame is quite lightweight and easy to maneuver which makes it quite easy to bring anywhere. We don’t have the exact measurements and weight just yet, but you can be sure that it won’t be too big or heavy. The single large back wheels, and double front wheels make steering and the ride really smooth.

The best part? The Britax B-Agile Double includes a car seat adapter which will fit most major brands of infant seats – that saves you $90 on the spot. The only downside is that the double buggy can only hold one car seat at a time. Caregivers will further appreciate the access to under-seat basket through the front leg rest, automatic chassis lock and two convenient zippered back-of-seat pockets. The padded, supportive seats feature a 5-point harness system with head pad that is adjustable without having to rethread or unhook any straps.

The articulating handle and adjustable handlebar makes life easy for parents of all heights. The Britax B-Agile Double comes in red and black and will be out at the very end of May 2012. It will retail at $449 – which is a great buy!

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