www.moderndaymoms.com and www.pishposhbaby.com have teamed up to create an infographic about baby safety, at home and elsewhere. Anyone who has a baby can learn many useful things from this guide to important baby safety information.

There are easy-to-understand illustrations and accompanying text on sections about safety indoors, in the nursery, bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, in cars, and on foot. Pretty pastel colors make the infographic print-friendly for posting in important nooks and crannies of the home and elsewhere where they can be easily seen for reference. Having this infographic will prove to be a handy tool to prevent baby-related accidents and injuries.

Keeping Your Baby Safe [infographic]

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I am a regular mom of the 2 most adorable baby girls! I was working at PishPosh for almost 2 years before I had my first, and I pretty much knew exactly what gear would work for me and my lifestyle after my hands-on experience. I love researching new products and sharing the updates with fellow moms who care about what's new in the fascinating and ever-changing Baby Gear World.