Stokke is a company recognized for its uniquely designed strollers and great color options! Two new colors are coming out this May for their revolutionary Xplory Stroller.

After many, many, MANY requests for a solid Black XPlory fabric, Stokke will be introducing one this May. They are going to be discontinuing their Dark Navy, as many people felt that the color was too dark to even be called Navy. A Deep Blue will be replacing the Dark Navy! This color is considerably lighter.

And just in time for the summer – a Grey-Lemon Drop Summer Kit! The kit includes a lightweight canopy that’s breathable and fashionable along with a coordinating parasol.

Xplory 131112-8I0288

Xplory Summer Kit Grey-Lemon Drop

Stokke Xplory 140103-4154 Black

Xplory Black

Stokke Xplory 140103-4154 Deep Blue

Xplory Deep Blue