Cybex-Maria-Tie-Baby-Carrier-Lifestyle-Front_758c446b-ef8e-4003-b504-2b4925456d74The new Cybex Maira Tie Baby Carrier offers adults an easy adjustment to fit parents of all sizes to allow for comfortable carrying. It also adjusts as your baby grows: the ergonomic seating panel adjusts in width and height so you can carry your child from newborn days to toddler years (approx. 2 years). The carrier’s ergonomic shape and wrap-like fabric support baby’s naturally rounded back. There is also an extendable, multi-functional headrest, the diagonally elasticated fabric offers support for baby’s naturally rounded back.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute:

The IHDI recommends baby-wearing for healthy hip development as long as the correct carrying position (spread-squat position) is guaranteed. As this Cybex baby carrier allows for healthy carrying positions, it has been certified as ‘hip healthy’ by the IHDI.


  • Use from birth
  • Healthy ergonomic carrying
  • Adjust from newborn to toddler
  • 3 carry positions: Hip, Front and Back
  • Intuitive & flexible: Easy adjustment from person to person
  • The multifunctional head and neck support is easy-to-adjust and easy-to-hide
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps with optional cross or parallel wearing (incl. sternum straps)
  • Thanks to individual adjusting with the tie, ergonomic seating for every baby size is provided
  • Ergonomic seating with the seamlessly height and width adjustable panels – very easy to adapt to the size of your growing child
  • Healthy carrying supports the natural spread-squat position which adjusts to baby’s size and healthy hip development

ETA: September 2018

Price:  $ 134.95