UPDATE: The Cybex Aton Q is now in stock and shipping!atonq

Cybex is going to be introducing their brand new Cybex Aton Q – a real upgrade over the Aton2 which came out last year.

The sleek, European styled Aton Q is the next generation infant car seat that builds on CYBEX’ award-winning safety heritage. A revolutionary headrest function automatically adjusts the seat size, recline, and harness position for a proper fit.

Push the headrest all the way down for a seat sized for a newborn at maximum recline. As you move the 8-position headrest upward the seat size increases and the recline angle lessens. No need to re-thread the harness.

A matching XXL fold-away sun canopy with UVP50+ perfectly protects against high sun irritation and strong wind.

The seat’s Linear Side-Impact Protection telescopes out when positioned next to a vehicle door or wall to absorb side-impact forces as early as possible, channeling them through the shell away from baby. A generous, color coordinated canopy fully extends over baby. The new colors for the Aton Q are Storm Cloud, Charcoal, Lollipop, Autumn Gold and Ocean.

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UPDATE: The Cybex AtonQ won an award!

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Common Questions about the Cybex Aton Q:

Q: Can you install a Cybex Aton Q in the middle seat?

A: Check in the car’s owner manual to see if it allowed to be placed in that seating position.

From the Aton Q manual page 18 “Only Place this child restraint rear facing in a vehicle seating location allowed by the vehicle manufacturer. Refer to your vehicle Owner’s Manual for information about vehicle seat belt systems, air bags, and child restraint installation to determine allowable seating positions.” Basically, if the vehicle manufacturer allows it then it can go in that position.

 Q: Can the load leg be lifted up and not used on the Aton Q?

A: Yes, the load leg can be tucked underneath the base. See page 18 of the Aton Q manual: “If necessary, the Base may be installed with the Load Leg folded up underneath.”

 Q: Can you install the Aton Q where the Load Leg will hit a hump, not the floor?

A: On page 18 “Never install the Aton Q Base in a seating position where the Load Leg, even in its shortest position, causes the Base to be pushed up above the vehicle seat.” Basically as long as it doesn’t lift up the base you are good to go.

Additionally, if possible, install the Aton Q Base in a seating position that will allow the Load Leg Foot to be extended into a locked position with firm contact with the vehicle floor. The load leg really helps in the safety of the car seat. The Aton Q does also have Linear Side-Impact Protection (page 39) which is an additional safety feature if placed in an outer seating position.