NEW Cybex Aton Q – Full Review and Videos!

UPDATE: The Cybex Aton Q is now in stock and shipping!atonq

Cybex is going to be introducing their brand new Cybex Aton Q – a real upgrade over the Aton2 which came out last year.

The sleek, European styled Aton Q is the next generation infant car seat that builds on CYBEX’ award-winning safety heritage. A revolutionary headrest function automatically adjusts the seat size, recline, and harness position for a proper fit.

Push the headrest all the way down for a seat sized for a newborn at maximum recline. As you move the 8-position headrest upward the seat size increases and the recline angle lessens. No need to re-thread the harness.

A matching XXL fold-away sun canopy with UVP50+ perfectly protects against high sun irritation and strong wind.

The seat’s Linear Side-Impact Protection telescopes out when positioned next to a vehicle door or wall to absorb side-impact forces as early as possible, channeling them through the shell away from baby. A generous, color coordinated canopy fully extends over baby. The new colors for the Aton Q are Storm Cloud, Charcoal, Lollipop, Autumn Gold and Ocean.

Check it out on PishPoshBaby!

UPDATE: The Cybex AtonQ won an award!

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Common Questions about the Cybex Aton Q:

Q: Can you install a Cybex Aton Q in the middle seat?

A: Check in the car’s owner manual to see if it allowed to be placed in that seating position.

From the Aton Q manual page 18 “Only Place this child restraint rear facing in a vehicle seating location allowed by the vehicle manufacturer. Refer to your vehicle Owner’s Manual for information about vehicle seat belt systems, air bags, and child restraint installation to determine allowable seating positions.” Basically, if the vehicle manufacturer allows it then it can go in that position.

 Q: Can the load leg be lifted up and not used on the Aton Q?

A: Yes, the load leg can be tucked underneath the base. See page 18 of the Aton Q manual: “If necessary, the Base may be installed with the Load Leg folded up underneath.”

 Q: Can you install the Aton Q where the Load Leg will hit a hump, not the floor?

A: On page 18 “Never install the Aton Q Base in a seating position where the Load Leg, even in its shortest position, causes the Base to be pushed up above the vehicle seat.” Basically as long as it doesn’t lift up the base you are good to go.

Additionally, if possible, install the Aton Q Base in a seating position that will allow the Load Leg Foot to be extended into a locked position with firm contact with the vehicle floor. The load leg really helps in the safety of the car seat. The Aton Q does also have Linear Side-Impact Protection (page 39) which is an additional safety feature if placed in an outer seating position.





  1. Is there a date we can expect the new Cybex Aton Q to be available in the United States? My baby is due in5 weeks and I am having difficulty getting information on this seat. I am also interested in knowing how best to accessorize this seat for severe winter weather. For example, foot muff options as well as stroller compatibility with something like Bugaboo Buffalo, or another stroller that can handle snow/ice in addition to shopping centers and grocery runs.

  2. Hi Kyla! We’re going to update you with more details, and answers to your specific questions, as soon as we have them. It’s supposed to be an awesome seat, but we’ll see if it’s worth waiting for.

  3. UPDATE: The Cybex Aton Q won’t be out until March 2014:( That’s a long wait. I’d suggest you choose something similar like the Aton2, Maxi Cosi Prezi, or Uppababy Mesa.

    The AtonQ will be compatible with loads of strollers…more details to follow

  4. Hi! The Aton Q is the infant car seat I want. Please send me updates I am due March 2014 but would like to hold off and purchase this seat. Thank you!

  5. Hi Sally! Sign up here to be notified when it becomes available!

  6. Hi! is the canopy bigger than the last? I really like the seat, but really hate the short canopy.

  7. Hi Megan – it sure is! The Aton Q’s canopy is significantly larger than the Aton2’s canopy.

  8. Do you know what color options they will have for the Cybex Anton Q?

  9. Hi there, Nicole!

    As of now, these are the colors that we heard to be coming. We’ll know more definitely as it gets closer to the release date. Lollipop (pink), Charcoal (black), Ocean (blue), Storm Cloud (gray/black) and Strawberry (red).

  10. I too am now interested in the Aton Q since it has a much larger canopy. I’m due in March 2014 as well. Hoping it comes out in time for me to order!

  11. Hi Julie – you have been added to our preorder list and will receive updates as to when the car seat is expected to arrive. As of now, the ETA is February

  12. Hi –

    I am due at the end of March. I have recently come across the Cybex Aton Q and love it! Please add me to your preorder list. Thank you!

  13. Will the aton q plus be releasing in Feb March as well??… Please add me to the preorder list as well…

  14. Hi Sehar, the ATONQ is expected to come out in February. (There is no “Cybex Aton Q Plus” model – just the AtonQ.)

  15. Hi Brigitte! You’ve been added to our Pre-Order list. Cybex has given the ETA of the AtonQ to be February – you should receive it in time!
    The Aton And Aton2 for 2014 are both in stock right now. Read more here

  16. I just saw on the Cybex website that the orange says it will be in stores 1/2014. Any idea on that?

  17. Hi Julie – as per our Cybex rep, the AtonQ is coming in February. The truth is that Cybex always manages to get in their new products earlier than expected. We hope that’ll be the case, but no promises:)

  18. Hi. I wanted to see if you might have the measurements on the Aton Q? Do you think its bigger that the Chicco Keyfit 30?

  19. Hello! Soo excited for the Aton Q! Please add me to the pre-order list!

  20. I’m also very excited about this new Aton Q! Can’t wait to get it. Please add me to the pre-order list if possible. Thanks 🙂

  21. Hi Peter, I just checked to be sure that you are on the email list for the AtonQ. As soon as we have more info we’ll let you know.

  22. Hi. Can you please add me to the preorder list? Thank you!!

  23. Just did 🙂

  24. Please add me to your preorder list. Thanks!

  25. Done, John 🙂

  26. Please add us to the list, we plan to have our baby in March and hope to get the car seat sooner.

  27. All done, Bradley

  28. Please add us to the pre order list. Thank you

  29. I’ve added you on Alina!

  30. Do we know if the new Aton Q uses those hazardous flame retardant chemicals? It would be awesome if it uses those Oeko-Tex certified fabric material.

  31. Please add me to your preorder list. TIA

  32. All done, Jaccie

  33. Hello! Can you please add me to the pre-order list as well? We tried the Aton 2 at my sister’s place and it was an awesome car seat. Looking forward to getting it with the expanded canopy!

  34. All done, Sara Kim

  35. Please add me to the pre-order list for an Aton Q in black. Thanks!

  36. Hi Sarah,
    We are having our baby in March, is there anything you can think of that I can do to be prepared today in case of early delivery and still be able to get an Aton Q? I was thinking if there is a way to get an Aton 2 until the Aton Q is available. I’ll gladly rent one if I could. 🙂

    Please email me, thank you!

  37. All done, Anthony

  38. Hi Bradley, congratulations on your upcoming baby- that is so exciting!! It looks like the Aton Q is only being released in April and unfortunately, we do not have a renting option, (though that’s a cute idea 🙂 )You can give me a call at: 732. 905. 3716 #206 and we can discuss your options. Have a great weekend! Sarah

  39. Hello In want the car seat AntonQ very badly, and my due date is at the end of February. 🙂 I want to know if I can get it by February. If not will I be happy with Antony 3S? Where can I buy Antony 3S?

  40. Hi. Our baby is due May 7. Do you think it will be available before our baby gets here. Would hate to get the aton 2 and the greatest and latest releases a week later.

  41. Hi, what’s the current anticipated release date? I see everything from February to March! Thanks!

  42. Hi,

    Can you please add me to the waitlist for the Aton Q? Any update on when it is coming out?

  43. All done Pravin

  44. Jacqueline, I’m sorry to say. I just checked again and they’ve pushed the date forward to April or May. Cybex has not given us a specific date for the release, but keep checking back. As they update us we will be posting the info.

  45. The AtonQ is probably going to be shipped in April or May. As of now and there is an Aton 2014 and the Aton2 2014.

  46. hi, i am due on march 21st i was wondering if theres any way i can get the anton q by then

  47. He Esmeralda,

    Congrats on the pregnancy. Cybex has not given us a release date. All they’ve told us is that it should be coming in sometime in March or April. You may want to sign up to be notified about updates on the car seat, we will be sending out updates as soon as we get them.
    Sorry that we don’t have any more concrete info yet…

  48. So sad to hear they’ve pushed the date back. Looks like we will have to get a different seat 🙁

  49. Yeh, we have a lot of disappointed people…

  50. Hi can you please add me to pre-order for Cybex Q in black. Thanks

  51. Hi Natasha,

    I’ve added you to the list for updates.

  52. Is the jeremy scott edition going to be released as well ?

  53. Hi! Do you know the weight of the Aton Q carrier without the base? I’ve seen two different weights quoted, and wonder if its different US vs. Europe? Thanks!

  54. Please add me to the Aton Q pre-order list.

  55. Hi, I’ve read that the Cybex Aton seats can be used with the Stokke Scoot using the Maxi Cosi adapters. Can you confirm that this will work?

  56. Hi Matthew – you’ve been added.

  57. Hi Erin, with almost all strollers the Maxi Cosi adapters are compatible with the Cybex car seats as well. However, until the AtonQ is released and we try it on the Scoot, there is no way of knowing if it will definitely fit.

  58. Vita – according to the info we have, the Cybex AtonQ will weigh a bit over 10 lbs. This is relatively heavy for an infant seat, however it is the safest, most fully-featured seat to ever be on the market

  59. Is there any new information on the anton q? can I please be added to the pre order list. thank you 🙂

  60. I am due in April and would really Love to preorder the Aton q! I have signed up for all the email alerts but can’t seem to find where to actually preorder. Please contact me with details as soon as possible! Thanks!

  61. Hi Alli!

    We are all waiting on pins and needles for the release of the Aton Q. Cybes hasn’t yet open pre-orders. We’ll let you know as soon as they do.

  62. I also would like to be added to the pre-order list…


  63. You’ve been added, Luis 🙂

  64. Not sure if you added me to the preorder list, but please do! I greatly appreciate it!

  65. Hi! I currently have the Uppababy mesa for my 2month old daughter, although we like it for the most part I don’t like how her head falls forward, she looks slouched and uncomfortable 🙁 I would love to get this seat for her! Could you please add me to the pre-order. Thank you!

  66. Nayeli, so sorry to hear you are not pleased with the Mesa. I have added you to the pre-order list for the Aton-Q. As soon as we have more info about it we will let you know.

  67. Thank you so much!

  68. Hi! Could y’all add me to the pre-order list as well?

  69. Hi Yanira,

    I’ve added you to the list.

  70. Please add me to the pre order list as well. My wife is due the end of May and am praying it will be here in time. Thank you

  71. All done, Josh!

  72. I’d like to be added to this pre-order list please! Due with babe #2 April 14, hoping this seat is available by then!

  73. All done, Jenni.

    And I hope it’ll be here, too. A lot of people are waiting for it. Unfortunately, Cybex hasn’t given out any updates about this, recently…
    We’ll be sure to post it when it’s here.

  74. Hi Johnny!

    Many countries have strict product standards that must be met in order to sell within their country. Many products which we sell in the United States does not meet the requirements for any other country but the U.S. As a result, we are prohibited from shipping products to countries outside of the US.

    If you do wish to arrange shipping to an address in the US, we recommend shipping to a friend, relative, or a forwarding company, such as , who will then forward the package to you.

    Hope this helps. You can always contact us for clarification.

    Have an easy day.

  75. Just wondering whether it’s known if the Cybex Q will have the latch system as in the older Aton in the US version vs. the Isofix system seen in the videos? I’m assuming Isofix is the European answer to latch?


  76. Hi Diane,

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I was trying to research the correct answer. The Cybex Q will be LATCH, not Isofix. The Isofix base is, indeed, the European system.

  77. Please contact me as soon as the Cybex is in and ready to ship.


    Judy Wireman

  78. What is the expiration date for the Q? Is it 6 years like the Aton 2? Also, do you know when it will be released and will it be back ordered? Thanks!

  79. Hi, Do you have an update on shipping of the Aton Q? It seems the mid-April shipping timeframe published when pre-orders became available, may have now been pushed back until late-April.

  80. Do you know if the Cybex Aton Q car seat that’s sold in the US will fit the European Aton Q base with Isofix?


  81. Hi Courtney and Jeanette,

    We do not yet have the info on what the expiration will be on the Aton Q. And while we do not yet have the exact arrival date Cybex has reassured us that it will still be coming in April.

  82. Hi Camilla,

    I’ve been trying to find out the answer to your question. I have not been able to confirm either way. I’m waiting to hear back from Cybex themselves.

  83. Will the Aton Q be compatible with Bugaboo?

  84. I was wondering if this car seat work be compatible with the City Select Double Stroller?

  85. Do you know if the new aton Q will work with the maxi cozi/ cybex adapter for the bumbleride indie stroller?

  86. Hi Sarah, Jessica, and Stacey!

    Since the Q hasn’t actually been around the block long enough none of the stroller manufacturers have yet created an adapter for it. I am, however, waiting to hear back from Cybex themselves to find out if it has been made to fit with a previous seat’s adapters (meaning will it fit on the Aton or Aton 2 adapters). I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

  87. Can you please post a photo of the “new load leg” and how it allows use in the center seat position with a hump in the floor?

  88. Hi!!! I’ve been sending emails to the Cybex website for a few months now and haven’t gotten a response. I’m wondering if the AtonQ is compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon or Bugaboo Buffalo strollers? I keep getting conflicted answers!! Thank you so much!

  89. Hi Laura,

    I just had someone text them in the showroom. The Maxi Cosi car seat adapter will work for the Aton Q for both strollers.

  90. Hello, have you been able to find out if the Aton Q is compatible with the maxi cosi/cybex aton car seat adaptor for the Bumbleride Indie? I’m not due till the end of August, but am interested in this car seat and due to the popular demand, may have to order it very soon! Thanks, Millie

  91. Sarah
    On the cybex website it lists Aton Q plus. Is there such a thing or is it just different fabrics? Will you be carrying those?

  92. Hi Robert,

    I’m still trying to find out if this can work and if it can, I’m hoping to get some images. I’ll let you know.

  93. Hi Millie,

    The Aton Q fit on the Maxi Cosi car seat adapters for all strollers! 🙂

  94. Hi Rob,

    The Aton Q Plus is a European version not available in the states.

  95. Hi there,

    Is the Anton Q compatible with the Stokke stroller? Also, does the seat come complete with the car base or is that only sold separately?

    Thank You!!

  96. Hi Jayme!

    I’m not sure which stroller you are referring to. Both the Xplory and Scoot have car seat adapters available, including a Maxi Cosi adapter. Aton Q fits with the Maxi Cosi adapter so it would work on either the Xplory or the Scoot. However, the Crusi is not compatible with car seat adapters so it would not be able to work with the Scoot.

  97. Ok great, I was referring to the Xplory. Does the Aton Q come with a car seat base or is that only sold separately ?


  98. I was wondering if the Cybex Q is compatible with the original Aton base (the one WITHOUT the load leg)? I would like to use the Q in my car in the center, but load leg won’t work in the center, so I wanted to just use the old base that came with the original Aton. Also, I noticed that the dimensions for the Cybex Aton Q show the Q is one inch longer. Can you verify that the front to back length is longer? I have a very, very small car and this one inch may actually make a difference in terms of it fitting or NOT. On the Cybex website they don’t give the dimensions for Q length (front to back) when installed both with and without the base and it would be nice to have those dimensions. Has the Q shipped yet? Also, why don’t they offer the Q Plus in the US? It’s so much nicer looking!! Sad!

  99. Hi Natalie,

    The Aton Q can work with the Aton 2 base, but not the regular Aton. It won’t fit with it.
    The dimensions for the Aton Q on Cybex’s site is (LxWxH) 26 x 17.25 x 15.5, so yes, it is an inch longer in length.
    The Aton Q is in stock and shipping.
    I don’t know for certain why the Plus is not available in the US but I do know that there are different safety regulations in Europe than there are in the states…

  100. Hi,
    I’ve just purchased Aton q and now I’m struggling how to attach it to my Maxi cosi elea stroller. According to above conversation it should works with normal maxi cosi adapters but it isn’t. Do I need some additional adapters or I’m just doing something wrong?

    thanks in advance 🙂

  101. Is it compatible with 2010 Bugaboo Cameleon or just the Cameleon3?

  102. I’m am very interested in getting the Aton Q, looking for a stroller that will be compatible with it. Will it be compatible with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT? They have an adapter for a maxi cosi.

  103. Hi Jennifer – all Baby Jogger car seat adapters that fit Maxi Cosi will fit the Aton Q.

  104. Hi! I have a Baby Jogger City Select that’s from 2011/12. Have you tried Aton Q + maxi cosi on the City Select? I read a review that it’s complicated and not worth the trouble. Hoping that’s not the case! Thank you.

  105. Hi Ann, According to Baby Jogger, none of their adapter will work with the Cybex Aton Q as of yet.

  106. Hi! I’m so confused… Will the cybex Aton Q work with the city mini GT stroller? It seems the last two answers contradict. If it doesn’t, is there any prospective they’ll release an adapter by Jan 2015? Thanks!

  107. Hello! Were you ever able to find out what the expiration is on the Aton Q? Is it 6 years or more? I’ve been searching and searching and have been unsuccessful. Thank you for your time!

  108. Hi Heather, We just checked with our Cybex rep again and will let you know as soon as possible.

  109. Hi Heather. The Aton Q expiration date is 6 years from the manufacture date, which can be found underneath the actual seats.

  110. Does the cybex aton q work with the baby jogger vue adapter or the city mini maxi cosi adapter? Isn’t clear from earlier posts as Answers on this thread contradict … Thanks

  111. Hi! Is the cybex aton Q plux compatible with the aton Q base and stroller adapters or do we have to purchase all new ones?

  112. The Aton Q Plus is the same thing as the Aton Q but it has nicer fabrics

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