Diaper Bags and Parent Organizers, Parent Packs, Parent Consoles

The NAPO designated January as the “Get Organized Month”. As mamas we all know how just a little bit of organization can really help us out through the long haul.

One of the easiest tools to help a parent get organized is a diaper bag. Once you have a really good idea of what you need in a diaper bag you just need to find the one that suits your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How long am I usually out with the baby and what will I need (diapers, diaper cream, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, burping blankets… the list is endless)?
  • Do I like everything in one big pocket or do I need everything to have its own place?
  • Do I want to wear the diaper bag, put it in the stroller basket, hang it on the stroller, or a combination of all those options?
  • Does my baby drink from bottles or only breastfeed?
  • How often does my baby generally need a diaper change?

Another way to get organized is to get a parent console/organizer for your stroller if you are going out for a shorter amount of time. Most strollers have a coordinating accessory of that nature. Check out the organizers from Baby Jogger, Britax, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, & UPPAbaby. What is your favorite organizing tool? Sarah