Keeping Track of Baby Habits [Infographic]


Keeping Track of Baby Habits [infographic]

In the first year of a baby’s life, a baby grows from an infant into a full-size toddler with a mind of its own! While every child will grow a different pace, there are so many stages and changes you can expect from month to month.



  1. I think this is right up in line what I see with my three kids. Great Graphic!

  2. I love this infographic! It is SO clear and complete. Thanks PishPosh!

  3. This is a really cool chart, minus the solids before 6 months… Babies aren’t ready to digest solids and are more likely to gag because their body knows they aren’t ready for something other than milk. The American Academy OF Pediatrics even says 6+. And if a baby doesn’t seem to show interest that’s ok too, because solids aren’t actually necessary until the age of one. 🙂

  4. This is a great info graphic! It is very clear and I love the bright colors!

  5. I agree with this for the most part minus a couple things. Babies should not be eating ANY solids before 6 months. Babies have open gut until 6 months. Second, breast milk babies need breastmilk far beyond 11 months which is the last time this chart mentions needing milk. My daughter with be nursing until at least 2 and until she decides to wean. But 1 year old is far too soon to be weaned from breastmilk.

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