Are you looking for a Baby Jogger bassinet for your stroller? Use this comparison chart as a guide to choosing the correct compatible bassinet for your stroller.

Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram
Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit
Baby Jogger City Versa & Select Pram
Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet
Deluxe Bassinet Kit Pram Compact Pram Bassinet
Height 32.5″ 33″ 31″ 32″
Length 16″ 14″ 16″ 13″
Width 11.5″ 9″ 10″ 8.5″
Weight 10.5 lbs 10.5 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs
Weight Capacity 25 lbs 25 lbs 25 lbs 25 lbs
Compatible Stollers City Mini Single, City Mini GT Single, City Elite Single, Summit X3 Single, City Versa, and City Select City Select City Versa, City Select City Mini, City Mini Double, City Mini GT, City Mini GT Double, City Elite Single, Summit x3, Summit X3 Double and FIT Jogger
Color Options Black, Grey, Red, Teal Amethyst, Onyx, Quartz, Ruby, Silver, Red, All Black, Teal Green, Silver Black
Price $199.95 $89.95 $139.95 $159.95

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