Baby Jogger Bassinet Comparison Chart

Are you looking for a Baby Jogger bassinet for your stroller? Use this comparison chart as a guide to choosing the correct compatible bassinet for your stroller.

Baby Jogger Deluxe Pram
Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet Kit
Baby Jogger City Versa & Select Pram
Baby Jogger Compact Pram Bassinet
Deluxe Bassinet Kit Pram Compact Pram Bassinet
Height 32.5″ 33″ 31″ 32″
Length 16″ 14″ 16″ 13″
Width 11.5″ 9″ 10″ 8.5″
Weight 10.5 lbs 10.5 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs
Weight Capacity 25 lbs 25 lbs 25 lbs 25 lbs
Compatible Stollers City Mini Single, City Mini GT Single, City Elite Single, Summit X3 Single, City Versa, and City Select City Select City Versa, City Select City Mini, City Mini Double, City Mini GT, City Mini GT Double, City Elite Single, Summit x3, Summit X3 Double and FIT Jogger
Color Options Black, Grey, Red, Teal Amethyst, Onyx, Quartz, Ruby, Silver, Red, All Black, Teal Green, Silver Black
Price $199.95 $89.95 $139.95 $159.95

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  1. Hi

    I was looking at the comparison chart of babyjogger bassinet and am doubting between the new deluxe bassinet (upcoming model 2014) and the previous model.

    Could you provide me with the measurements of both, weight capacity, and weight please since I believe the above chart is not correct and I want to be sure.

    Also, when will the 2014 version be shipped? And until when is it possible to order the older e version?


  2. Hi Anke!

    I’m double checking on the dimensions of the deluxe pram. I’ll let you know when I have the correct info.
    As to the when it’s coming, Baby Jogger still has it scheduled to come some time in May. Let’s hope that the schedule doesn’t change. 🙂
    The older version will be available while supplies last.

  3. Hi there, Anke!

    I just heard back from Baby Jogger. They deluxe bassinets are still scheduled for the very beginning of May. The dimensions on the chart are correct. They are:
    Exterior: 32.5x16x11.5
    Interior: 29x13x8
    Folded: 32.5x16x7.5
    Weight: 10.5 lbs
    Weight Capacity: 25 lbs
    Colors: Black, Grey, Red, Teal

  4. I am also debating between the old and new model. Do we have an update on when the new deluxe version will be available? It is now May but wondering if it has been delayed until late May or if it will be available any day now!

  5. Hi there, Jill!

    I’m waiting to hear back from Baby Jogger to confirm, but it looks like it will hopefully be shipping out in mid May (in about a week or so). When they come in I’ll post an update.

  6. Does the deluxe pram fit the city versa? Do I need any other fittings to do it

  7. Hi Amanda – the Deluxe Pram will fit directly onto the City Select frame. No additional adapters are necessary.

  8. I know you can not use two deluxe prams on the city select at once. But can you use one and a regular seat?

  9. As a double the deluxe bassinet can only be used if it is on the top position (with the adapters that come with it) and the seat on the bottom REAR FACING ONLY.

  10. Would the versa carrycot fit onto my city mini double?

  11. Does the “Baby Jogger City Mini – Compact Pram” fits the: “Baby Jogger City Mini 4-Wheel Single 2013 Stroller” ?

  12. The compact pram fits all City Mini strollers, and so it will fit the one you are inquiring about.

  13. Will the deluxe pram fit any other strollers, Like a brixton?

  14. It won’t… what stroller are you trying to find a bassinet for?

  15. Can the deluxe bassinet fit onto the summit stroller? Thanks

  16. Hi Mimi – yes it can!

  17. comfort wise – is there a difference between the delux and the basinet kit for the select ?

  18. Hi Adi, the Deluxe bassinet is definitely more comfortable than using the bassinet kit.

  19. Hi All, this is my first baby (currently thinking we will aim for #2 in about 18-24 months) and I am currently debating between the Baby Jogger City Select and the Phil and Teds Promenade (any advice on this would be appreciated). My main question is what are the main differences between the Deluxe Pram and the Bassinet Kit for the City Select?

  20. Hi Stace – if you are looking for an inline convertible, we highly recommend the City Select. (If you do plan on using the strollers more often as a single than a double, you should take a look at the Uppababy Vista stroller – it’s a better single than the City Select but it’s more $). The Deluxe Pram is its own full-size bassinet, while the bassinet kit is a kit that you use on an existing City Select seat to convert it into a usable bassinet.

  21. Does the compact bassinet fit an older model 2011 city mini gt double?

  22. It does

  23. I’m having twins and want to purchase two of the deluxe prams will two fit on any of the other baby jogger stroller bases?

  24. No only one.

  25. will the adapter that comes with the deluxe pram work with car seats other than britax? such as the Nuna pipa?

  26. No car seat adapters are included with any of the bassinets or prams.

  27. Hi will the city select carrycot for on to city jogger mini double please x

  28. Hi Ellena,

    I was just wondering if the city select seat unit fits onto the versa frame?



  29. Hello Ellena,
    Why is the delux Pram not intended for overnight sleeping? I had read a review where the mom used it as a co-sleeper and a travel bed to grandparents’ house, ect.

  30. Hi Anna – the Deluxe Bassinet is used by hundreds of parents for overnight sleeping, however due to safety regulations, Baby Jogger cannot advertise that it is approved for overnight sleeping.

  31. Hi, would the duluxe pram fit into the city jogger mini (single) and would the attachments come with it when purchased? Currently have the compact bassinet and found it so narrow in width. Would the duluxe be a better choice for this reason?

  32. The Deluxe Pram is considerably roomier than the Compact Pram and it will fit onto your City Mini stroller perfectly, without the need to purchase any additional adapters.

  33. I have a City Mini GT Double manufactured April 2016. Am I correct that there is no adapter available for a Chicco KeyFit 30? So purchasing a compact pram for an infant to ride w his 3 year old brother is the only option for these early months? The baby is too tiny to lay fully reclined w the harness. Thank you!

  34. Hi Heather – that is correct. You can either use a compact pram or an infant insert in the seat.

  35. Where in the box can I find the adapter to fit the Deluxe pram to City Mini GT. I trashed the box so not sure if the adapters were separate in the box instead of plastic wrap bassinet
    Can someone please please share the vedio to unbox and assemble pram on Mini GT

  36. Hi Aman – you should have received the adapters. Give Baby Jogger a call.

  37. Hi Ellena! We have a city select elite double from 2013– will it accomodate any of the new prams, does it require additional adapters or do they come with the pram, and in what position will we be able to use the bottom seat when using the pram? Thank you! 😊

  38. Hi Jacqueline – I’m confused as to which model stroller you have. Do you have the City Select Double (tandem double) or City Elite Double (side by side)?

  39. How does the compact bassinet fit on both the city mini gt and the gt double when they are different widths?

  40. i have the baby jogger city select and will be using it as a double, I have fallen in love the deluxe carrycot rather than the conversion kit but I will need to use the second seat as my 2 year old gets tired very easily. I have seen mixed answer to whether or not the deluxe can fit onto the city select with the second seat. If it does could you please show me a picture of the deluxe with the 2nd seat, I don’t mind which way they are as long as I know they do actually fit together as my 1st born wont be needing the seat all of the time

  41. Hi Melissa, Unfortunately the Baby Jogger City Lux Bassinet will only work in single mode on the City Select. It will not work with a second seat.

  42. Hi I am expecting my bub in December. Being a first time mum, I am quite confused about which pram to select and the accessories as well. I have a friend who is willing to let me have the bassinet she had got for her city versa pram. since the model has since been removed, I was wondering if the same bassinet will fit on other baby jogger city versions? I think she has the deluxe one.

  43. Hi Ashwini, Congratulations! Yes, if she has the current model, it should work with the City Mini, City Mini GT & City Select/Lux.

  44. Hi there, I have an older model of City Elite, it has the “old logo” on it and I think it’s a 2012 model, will a new Deluxe pram fit this older model? Or would I have to purchase a brand new stroller?

  45. Hi Siri – it should fit but you need to check this with Baby Jogger

  46. Hi, a friend has an old model deluxe bassinet which she said she had to buy adaptors for to fit her mini gt, I am looking at a new city elite and was wondering if they would fit it? Did you use to have to buy separate adaptors for the older models? Thanks!

  47. Hi Kylie – there is no new City Elite so I’m not sure what stroller you have. I recommend reaching out to Baby Jogger to find out compatibility.

  48. Hi. Is it possible to fit a select (or any other parent facing seat) onto a City Mini GT using car seat adapters (or any other sort of adapters). I love the frame and wheels of the city mini GT but would like a parent facing option other than car seat or carrycot as my son is 5 months. Thanks.

  49. Hi Jenny – unfortunately no:( The City Mini GT cannot accomodate a rear-facing seat…

  50. Hello I have a Versa 2012 model..
    looking at buying Baby Jogger Select Bassinet Kit Black but will it fit? The lady said it won’t as it is for city select?

  51. The City Select bassinet kit will not work with your stroller, but we believe that the Deluxe Pram will. I would recommend reaching out directly to Baby Jogger to double-check this.

  52. Hi

    I have a 4-wheel 2015 model City Mini and am wondering if an older model Deluxe Carrycot/ Bassinet from 2012 would still fit it? I know they brought that it a new model in c. 2014.

  53. Hi Rebecca, I highly recommend that you reach out to Baby Jogger directly to confirm compatibility. I am not familiar enough with the older models.

  54. Thank you Ellena. This is exactly the info I have been searching for. Looking at buying a City Select to use as a double, and wanting to know seating combos for my deluxe bassinet I already have. Thanks!!

  55. Can the versa bassinet fit with the regular city mini single?

  56. Hi Chana. It will not fit.

  57. Hi Does the city select delux fold or is there anyway to make it smaller for the boot of the car?

  58. Hi,
    I have an old city select (I think 2012) I have a bassinet kit which I now need for my newborn but when following the instructions it says to snap the bassinet onto frame but there are no poppers on the lower part of the frame? Only on the upper part. Any idea why this is?

  59. Hi Elizabeth. You’ll need to reach out to Baby Jogger directly so that they can help you out.

  60. Hi there, I’m just wondering why the deluxe bassinet isn’t intended for overnight sleeping? Do you have any idea what safety recommendation it isn’t meeting? I’m finding it very hard to get any good information and it’s very confusing. Clearly I don’t want to do anything unsafe, I just want to know why.

  61. We are not quite sure, it could be for a number of reasons and for something as simple as not being tested for overnight use. It may not lay completely flat or the extent of ventilation needed for overnight usage.

  62. Hi! I believe the pram you are referring to is the city tour lux pram which is only compatible with the City Tour Lux stroller. Each Baby Jogger stroller has a specific bassinet that is compatible.

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