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Skip Hop Duo Essential

A diaper bag checklist.

Yes. I am neurotic when it comes to checklists. I find that is really simplifies my life. I create them when I’ve got some down time. Then, when I’m under time constraints, out comes the list and I just need to follow it (no thinking, “what am I forgetting”). I’m actually thinking of creating a checklist of checklists! Though I’m not sure what I’d use it for.

Anyway. The diaper bag checklist. This helps me a lot in the evenings and mornings (depending on when I prepare the bag). I really depend on it. And when I can’t find it I get anxious and start watching the clock. The list really helps me in that way.

So what’s on my diaper bag checklist list? Well, here you go.

What is an absolute essential in your diaper bag?