Baby Travel Checklist

Spring is in the air (or at least it has been) and summer is coming up right behind. What comes to mind? For me it’s about the outings, the trips, and the adventure.

However, with time, I’ve come to the acceptance that part of adventure is mishaps. Not much we can do except grin and bear it. Wait! That’s not 100% true. I may not be able to control circumstances to prevent misadventures, but I can certainly come prepared so that when they do occur I can be ready to smooth it over without it turning into a major calamity.

Once again, I turned to my trusted notepad and… created lists! For me, one of the hardest lists to get down pat is the baby travel checklist. Between different sorts of trips (the park, road trips, flying…) and being that kids are continuously growing and changing and are such unique individuals, there aren’t too many constants. I have an overall list that I use and just look it over to determine what I need for each trip for each child. It’s more than the basics. I’m still Marry Poppins when it comes to having gear and paraphernalia on hand. I’ve also included some of my specific favorites and the more popular variety of the items. So here goes!

Diaper Bag

(See why Ellena loves her Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag here)

  • Emergency Info
  • Diapers
  • Diaper care products
  • Sealable, Disposal Plastic Bags Sassy makes an inexpensive choice
  • Hand Sanitizer Purell or an equivalent
  • Tissues, burp cloths, washcloth I love the small packets of tissues for travel. They fit in just about any corner that you have available
  • Medicine/Pain Reliever antibiotics, Tylenol, OraGel

For a full diaper bag checklist, click here

Weather Appropriate Paraphernalia

  • Sunblock I’m particularly partial to Banana Boat’s sunscreens
  • Raincoat, Rain Boots, Umbrella
  • Water bottles for Hot Weather
  • Scarves, Mittens, Hats, etc

Feeding and Soothing Supplies

Change of Clothes

Even if you are not staying overnight it is worth it to have an extra set of clothes with little ones around.


  • Toys I really enjoy the Anatex Magnetic mazes. I recently got the skeleton one and find that my kids love to go through naming the entire skeleton and muscles as they go through the maze. Perfectly educational!
  • Games
  • Coloring Books & Crayons
Baby Jogger VUE Lightweight Stroller
Baby Jogger VUE


Bathing Supplies

First Aid Kit

(Based on the Red Cross recommended list with some of my own additions)

  • 25 Adhesive Bandages (Assorted Sizes) Band-Aid, Curad
  • Absorbent Compress Dressings
  • Antibiotic Ointment Packets
  • Hydrocortisone Ointment Packets
  • Triangular Bandages
  • Gauze Pads (3″ & 4″)
  • Cloth Tape
  • Antiseptic/Skin Disinfectant Wipes hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, among others
  • Tweezers
  • Nail Clipper & File
  • Elastic Bandages (3″ & 4″) ACE or equivalent
  • Oral Thermometer (Stay away from the mercury thermometers)
  • Breathing Barrier for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen
  • Non-Latex Gloves I’m allergic, trust me
  • Instant Cold Compresses
  • Antihistamine
  • Safety Pins
  • Space Blanket
  • Scissors
  • Flashlight with Working Batteries




  1. This is a very extensive travel list for baby, although I like everything laid out so it’s easy to determine what you need to bring for whatever trip you may be taking. Traveling with kids, you have to take SO much with you!
    My favorite is the first aid kit list. I have been meaning to make a first aid kit to have at home because when we have an emergency, I’m always scrambling to find everything I need for a boo-boo clean up!

  2. I love this list – it will come in handy when we are traveling on our next vacation! There is just so much to bring when you have little ones – I’m thinking of making a printable checklist and just hanging it by the door! lol! The first aid kit is SO important – it’s easy to stick one in your car or get a mini-kit to put in your glove box. You never know when you’ll need a band-aid! Great list!

  3. Yup, Kendall. I’ve hung up the list on the inside of the cabinet door on my baby’s changing table. It makes things a whole lot simpler when trying to pack out of the house.

  4. When my son was first born, I packed EVERYTHING! Being a cloth diapering family meant that we had a bag devoted just to our diapers, but it was worth being prepared. Now that my son is a toddler, I try to go with the ‘less is more’ approach, but have been caught empty-handed several times (that spare outfit is essential, especially now that we’re potty training). Another item I keep in my diaper bag, at all times, is an umbrella — you never know when you’ll need it. Instead of resealable plastic bags, i carry a wetbag in my diaper bag, which is great for more than just dirty diapers — it’s the perfect all-purpose diaper bag item!

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