Nuna Tavo Stroller – Full Review on What’s New!

nuna-tavoUPDATE: Now available!

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Nuna  has debuted their newest stroller coming late 2015 – the Nuna Tavo! The Nuna Tavo is Nuna’s lightest, full-featured stroller so far.

unnamed8C6060OBThe Tavo is a combination of the Pepp, in the way that the seat is forward-facing only, and the Mixx stroller, in many ways. First of all, it can hold the Nuna Pipa car seat directly, making this a great travel system (Tavo + Pipa = $649.90). The Tavo stroller has a really simple, one-hand fold with the seat attached.

Unlike most lightweight strollers, there is plenty of storage space on the Tavo. The seat is plenty spacious as well and can hold up to 50 lbs. There’s an adjustable legrest and really deep, true-flat recline making it newborn compatible. The canopy is humongous – like hu-mon-gous – so your little one will be well-protected. Plus it’s super ventilated as well iwth a large mesh panel. The stroller wheels have great suspension as well with lockable front wheels.

The Tavo is a wonderful stroller not just great for traveling, but great for everyday. The Nuna IVVI is a luxury stroller and the Nuna MIXX is a standard stroller. Like all Nuna strollers, we’re sure the Tavo is going to be the best in its class with all the features you’d need.

Price: $349.95

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  1. which of the new NUNA strollers will be a good alternative to the vista? I was leaning towards the Pipa car seat so it would be great to stick with Nuna brand if there is a comparable ful-sze stroller

  2. The most luxurious Nuna stroller is the Nuna IVVI which is quite similar to the Vista.

  3. Any idea when the Tavo will be available?

  4. Still waiting for any word on the Tavo… News??

  5. Hi Erin – no news yet on the Tavo – we’re hoping that they’ll be releasing it early next year. Sign up for updates – we’re sure to have one this October at the ABC Kids Expo

  6. How many recline positions does it have?

  7. what are the differences between the tavo and the mixx?

  8. Hi what is the difference between the Nuna Mixx and Tavo, which one would you pick.

  9. The most significant difference between the two strollers is the Mixx’s ability to remove and reverse the seat. This means that you can use just a car seat on the stroller base of the Mixx or their new Mixx bassinet (coming soon). If you want all the bells and whistles, go for the Mixx. If you want a great simple all-around stroller (Especially if you own the Pipa), then go for the Tavo. The Tavo is a bit lighter and more compact.

  10. The Nuna Tavo has a four position, true – flat reclining backrest. A new born can be placed directly in the stroller.

  11. The Nuna Mixx and Tavo stroller differ in the following: The Mixx is a slightly heavier, (25 lbs.), and bigger stroller with reversible seats, and larger wheels. A car seat can be attached to the stroller frame with the use of its adapters The Tavo weighs 24.3 lbs and is a bit smaller in size. The wheels are a bit smaller as well but does have the all-wheel suspension as in the Mixx. The Tavo seat is not reversible, therefore the Nuna Pipa infant seat can click directly on the stroller. The Tavo features the dream drape that extends from the canopy, giving awesome coverage! If you are looking for a more compact, in and out of the car travel system, the Tavo would be a better choice!

  12. Can we use Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat or BritaxB 35 elite car seat with Nuna Tavo?

  13. As of yet, only the Nuna Pipa is compatible with the Nuna Tavo.

  14. I’m a FTM, if a newborn can fit in Nuna Tavo, does it need an infant support pillow?
    I’m still undecided between Nuna Tavo and Baby Jogger Metro Premier. What can you suggest? I want a lighter stroller, large storage, easy compact fold, and has full recline.

  15. The Nuna Tavo can accommodate an infant with either using the Nuna Pipa car seat on it or reclining it all the way down. The Nuna Tavo features a truly flat recline so that gives you a real infant-compatible seat. The new City Premier is awesome, however if you are looking for a lightweight stroller, then we don’t recommend the City Premier. I would suggest you can take a look at the Uppababy Cruz stroller – if you would like a stroller with a reversible seat. You can use an infant insert, or car seat, to use it from infancy. The Cruz can truly be the only stroller you’ll ever need.

  16. Does the Nuna make their own infant insert for the Tavo? I was looking for their website but can’t find one. Can you suggest a good infant insert for the Tavo?

  17. Hi Chona – the Tavo includes an infant insert!

  18. Perfect! So we don’t have to worry about it.
    What else is included in the Nuna Tavo upon purchase aside from the infant insert?

  19. The Tavo includes the basic stroller and infant seat that is removable. If you do plan on using the Tavo with the Pipa car seat, then be aware that you do NOT need any additional adapters to make the two compatible.

  20. I got a Britax 35 Elite car seat for my baby shower and a snap and go which can go with it.
    I’m still leaning on getting the Nuna tavo as a regular stroller for our baby. I hope they’ll release an adapter soon too.

  21. What’s the difference between the Tavo and the Pepp? I already have the Mima Xari and looking for a lightweight/ travel alternative.

  22. The obvious difference between the Tavo and Pepp, is that the Tavo is larger wheels with a better suspension system. However the Pepp is lightweight and more compact.

  23. Hi Ellena! We just received both the Tavo and the Pepp and we are trying to decide which to keep as our travel option for our 11 month old. Our regular stroller is a Stokke Crusi so while the Tavo is big it is still smaller than the Crusi. What is a better option for air travel where you stay at your destination for about a week at a time. If you gate check your stroller anyway then wouldn’t it be better to let baby have a cushier/ larger seat and take advantage of more basket space for mom by choosing Tavo over Pepp?

  24. Hi Vanita – wow – you a real Nuna Mom! I personally would choose the Tavo over the Pepp. Like you said – the more comfortable seat and larger underseat basket are both features that I’d never compromise on.

  25. Thank you! My husband, my parents, and I love the Tavo! I really appreciate your opinion and I think I’ll be returning the Pepp!

  26. We have 14 month old son who is not walking yet and we are traveling to Europe for 2 months (1 month in Italy and 1 month in the UK) next month and we are trying to choose a stroller. We have a Nuna pipa seat that we bought in late 2014 (not sure if it’s still directly compatible?). We used to have a stokke scoot with adapters but the airline broke it. What do you think? We are trying to decide between Nuna Tavo, Uppababy Gluxe, and mountain buggy MB mini. We are worried about cobblestones in Italy and we will have a car for most of the trip so we are considering bringing our seat instead of renting a car seat locally since we know he naps well in ours. Any advice appreciated!

  27. Hi Tina – wow – good luck with getting everything ready for your trip. Because you own the Nuna Pipa already, it’s incredibly convenient to choose the same brand stroller. I’d recommend a stroller with larger-than-average-umbrella-stroller-wheels so that pushing over te cobblestone will be that much easier. That being said, I think the Tavo is definitely your best choice.

  28. Since the seat of the Tavo is not reversible, can it be removed at all similar to the rumble seat of the Uppababy Cruz? The Tavo has better suspension than the Cruz, but being weight is important as I am petite. So, it’ll be the Nuna Pipa on the Cruz or the Tavo..

  29. I’m trying to find some information on the sustainability of the Tavo tires. Do you know what material it’s made of? I’ve read that inflatable tires are best but not sure if this stroller has inflatable tires.

  30. The Tavo tires are not air-filled. They are foam.

  31. Hi, I wanted to know if the seats are removable and machine washable? I’m deciding between the Mixx and the Tavo. I like that Tavo has better suspension, bigger canopy+dream drape, and that when fully reclined, it somewhat resembles a bassinet. But if the seats are not removable and not machine washable like the Mixx, it seems almost like a deal breaker for me. So split!!

  32. The Tavo seat fabric is not removable or machine washable:(

  33. Hi, my husband was recently accepted for a job in Italy! We are so excited to move to Europe in December and travel all over while there! I’m due to have our first baby in about a month (so many exciting changes happening!) After much research I recently ordered the GB Pockit stroller for when we are traveling mostly for it’s weight and size. I’ve heard too many horror stories of strollers getting damaged in airplane cargo holds so I knew I didn’t want to risk getting anything too large to fit in an overhead bin. However, I’m now searching for a more sturdy, everyday use stroller while living in Italy over the next few years. I’ve heard the Nuna Tavo is a great everyday stroller that’s still a bit on the smaller side. My biggest concerns/needs are tire durability (needs to be able to handle cobblestones, uneven sidewalks, etc), size (I still want a “smaller” stroller that can easily be maneuvered through tight spaces in stores, ally ways, apartment lifts, etc), and a one hand fold for when i’m alone. It would be a dream if the stroller had a large canopy for sun protection, decently large storage basket, and is under $450. Are my expectations too high? What would be your top suggestions for us?

  34. Hi Vanessa, for what you need, I think that the City Mini GT from Baby Jogger would be a good fit for you, but the basket is small. The Tavo is a great choice because of its large basket, one-hand fold, and comfortable seat.

  35. Hi! I bought the tavo for my son and I love it for the most part. My only fault with it is that the stroller doesn’t comes with a personal cup holder or any component space for my cellphone and other small object😢

  36. Is the tavo now compatible with the brutal infant car seats ?

  37. It isn’t…

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