Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3

With the new Bugaboo Bee3 available to order, so many are asking what are the differences between the current Bugaboo Bee+ vs Bugaboo Bee3?

Bugaboo Bee+ Bugaboo Bee3
Weight 18.5 lbs 19.18 lbs
Frame Colors Aluminum Aluminum & All Black
Bassinet Option No* Yes
Canopy Regular** Extendable
Color Combinations 7 64
Underseat Basket Capacity 16 liters 22 liters
Raincover & Harness OK Improved
Maneuverability OK Improved
Price for Stroller+Seat $649 $719/$769

The new Bee3 stroller is available now and ready to ship. Get your Bee3 stroller today!

*The new Bassinet designed for the Bugaboo Bee3 will be compatible with the Bee+ as well

**The new Bee3 Extendable Canopies will be compatible with the Bee+ as well

Read the full review on the new Bugaboo Bee3 on our blog!



  1. The chart shows the bee 3 as being 24.5 inches wide. Is that really true? What a huge change…

  2. Price for bugaboo bee 3?

  3. The Bugaboo Bee3 retails for 719.00-769.00 without the bassinet. The bassinet is an additional 230.00 , but is not needed.

  4. Hi, how can I tell if I’m buying a bugaboo bee3 and not a bugaboo+ frame with the bee3 canopy and seat liner?

  5. Lena – all Bugaboo Bee models on this page are the Bee3 – http://www.pishposhbaby.com/bugaboo-bee3.html. You can choose to buy each part separately, or just find the combination of the colors you want.

  6. Hi how about wheels, any difference between plus and 4? Tks

  7. The actual wheels have not changed, however the entire mechanism that holds the wheels has been significantly upgraded to provide better suspension and maneuverability.

  8. Hi Julie,

    I saw that the Bee3 has a feature to extend the seat (back and actual seat). Does the Bee+ as well have this option? Thanks.

  9. Hi Sonja – the Bee+ seat extends as well!

  10. Hi, with reference to Lena’s question – how can I tell if I’m buying a bugaboo bee3 and not a bugaboo+ frame with the bee3 canopy and seat liner?

    Am wondering the same question too.. your answer to her question doesn’t address her concern.. because if both frames look the same, how do we verify we are getting the bee3 chassis?

  11. The Bee3 is marked “Bee3” on our site and you can be sure that you will be receiving the newer Bee3 frame. When you receive your actual stroller, you will see right away if it is the newer frame by the wheels and underseat basket, both of which have been improved tremendously. If you’d like, give our sales team a call and they can put your order together for you and give you a great deal.

  12. Thanks for the good info. Which one has got a bigger seat? My boy is 15 month old but as big and tall as 2 years old. I have a chameleon now but want to change to bee. Bee 3 or bee plus, which one would be better for a big boy?

  13. Hi Min, officially, the seats of both the Bee+ and the Bee3 are identical in size, so both options would work for you. The maneuverability on the newer Bee3 is superior, so pushing a 3 year old in the Bee3 will definitely be easier than pushing him in the Bee+.

  14. Can the seat cover on the bee3 be used on the bee+ at all? or are they completely uncompatible? would be nice to know if anyone has tried.

  15. We are planning to buy the bee3,but we are wondering if it’s possible to use the seat of a bee plus,because we have read on many reviews that the seat of bee plus is much better than the one on the bee3are they compatible?

  16. Hi Angela, interesting that you’ve heard that the Bee+ seat is preferable over the seat of the Bee3 because we all don’t agree with that. The new Bee3 seat has a better harness and structure. The Bee3 seat is not available to purchase separately.

  17. Hi, is the maxi cosi seat adaptor for bee plus compatible with bee3 as well?

  18. Hi Grace – all car seat adapters have remained the same from the Bee+ to the Bee3.

  19. Does the new bassinet work with the original model bee?

  20. The new bassinet does work with the old Bee+ model!

  21. Hi there, i have a Bee + and would like to get Bee3 now. However, Bee+ seat liner and my Bee+ canopy is perfectly fine so can i use Bee+ Canopy and seatliner on a Bee 3?

  22. The Bee+ sun canopy will fit the Bee3, and the universal seat liner that you own will fit the Bee3 as well. Note that you will still need the Bee3 seat fabric to complete the stroller.

  23. Hello, I have an original bee (not plus). I want to upgrade the seat without buying a whole new strolelr as it is only used as a spare. If I were to purchase a bee plus / bee3 seat, would that fit my original bee chassis?

  24. Hi Kellie – the new seat will not fit on the older model bee:(

  25. Hi do you now if the bee3 seat fits on the bee+ chassis?

  26. Is there a difference between the bee+ hardware and the 3?

  27. Hi Katie – it won’t fit:(

  28. Hi Jacki – what hardware specifically are you talking about? The only new Bee3 items that are compatible with the older Bee+ are the sun canopy and bassinet

  29. I was Referring to the seat hardware. Why exactly Doesn’t it fit? Since the seat fabric, harness, canopy, basket and wheels are all compatible I figured the seat hardware is too

  30. Hi, can I replace the bee2010 harness with the bee3?

  31. The Bee3 seat will not fit onto the older model chassis.

  32. Hi Ana – yes you can.

  33. I understand that the extendable Bee 3 canopies are compatible with the Bee +. Does this mean that Bee + canopies are compatible with the Bee 3, please? Kind regards, Rachel

  34. I just want to clarify something-the bee3 seat fits perfectly on the bee plus chassis. I have a plus chassis and that’s the only part of my stroller that is not bee3. I upgraded my wheels,basket, seat fabric, canopy and harness. The parts are 100% interchangeable. The 3 seat hardware is identical to the plus

  35. According to Bugaboo: The old Bee canopies will NOT fit the Bee3. The Bee3 canopy WILL fit the old Bee

  36. Bee 3 seat is terrible when compared to Bee+! It is flimsy and looks messy. Can I use Bee+ seat on Bee3 chassis??

  37. Bugaboo would not advise this, however people have tried to swap the seats on the older and newer versions of the strollers and they’ve found the connectors to be identical, so we’re assuming that it will work.

  38. Hi, is the bee3 hood water proof or water resistant?

  39. The bee3 hood is water-resistant.

  40. Hi can I replace my original bee wheels with a bee + or bee3 wheels ?

  41. Yes you can!

  42. Hi, I have limited edition denim fabric set for bugaboo bee 2011, can it work for my bee3?

  43. The older model canopies for the Bee+ or Bee strollers will not fit onto the new Bee3.

  44. Hi, I have a 2013/14 Bee plus, does the Bee 3 seat fabric fit my model? Seeing the dimensions are the same. Thanks

  45. The fabric on the older model Bee stroller cannot fit on the Bee3.

  46. hi i want to buy the andy warhol happy bugs canopy will it fit on my bugaboo bee 3?

  47. The older model canopies for the Bee+ or Bee strollers will not fit onto the new Bee3.

  48. Hi Ellena, thanks for a really helpful blogpost! I just ordered the Missoni Bee canopy (from 2011) which I intend to use on my Bee3 pram. But now I’m a little confused on whether it will fit? And if it will fit on the carry cot as well?

  49. According to Bugaboo: The old Bee canopies will NOT fit the Bee3. The Bee3 canopy WILL fit the old Bee.

  50. Can I use my old carrycot and car seat adapters on a new bee, ie buy the bee 3 but use the old accessories?

  51. hi Ellena..is it same bugaboo 2010 with bugaboo bee 3? if brezze sun canopy bugaboo 2010 will fit with bugaboo bee 3? thank u

  52. Hi Judith – it won’t…

  53. Hi, I want to replace the harness on my bee+. Can you tell me if the bee3 harness will fit on my bee+??

  54. Hi
    Will the bee3 seat liner fit on my bee plus seat?
    I’ve already updated the hood to a bee3 one

  55. The seat liners will fit, but the seat fabrics will not.

  56. Please can you tell me if the bee3 harness will fit on my bee+ ? Thanks

  57. The harness is connected to the seat frame. If you want the new Bee3 harness you will need to buy a new seat frame. I suggest giving Bugaboo a call so that they can help you out with which parts you’d need.

  58. The harness is connected to the seat frame. If you want the new Bee3 harness you will need to buy a new seat frame. I suggest giving Bugaboo a call so that they can help you out with which parts you’d need.

  59. Hi Leah, it will not work.

  60. Will the bew plus seat fabric fit on an original bee?

  61. Hi i have a bee plus, please can you tell me if the bee 3 carrycot will fit onto it? if so will i need adaptors?

  62. Hi Kerry – the Bee3 carrycot will fit onto the older Bee+ model. You do not need any adapters.

  63. will the bugaboo comfort buggy board fit the bee plus

  64. Hi Ellena,
    Will my original bee plus sun canopy and rain cover still work if I add the new carrycot to my bee plus?

  65. wii the bee3 seat fit on the bee plus chassis?

  66. Hi Amanda, Bugaboo has confirmed that it theoretically can fit, however the fit is a bit awkward and not safety tested at all.

  67. I came across a good deal for a used bee +. I originally wanted a bee 3 for the gray color. I know the new canopy would work. Will the seat fabric fit to update the look? Thanks

  68. It won’t.

  69. IT will.

  70. Will the bee3 harness fit the bee plus? i have the plus and the harness is not safe, my toddler can escape it in seconds.

  71. Hi Lois – as per Bugaboo it will! Reach out to them directly to order one.

  72. Did the Bee plus come out in AB or just Bee 3? I am looking at purchasing a new chassis which is AB August 2014 model but the sticker doesn’t say Bee3 and the seat looks like and old harness?

  73. Hi Margaret – what do you mean by “AB”?

  74. Hi Ellena,

    I need a new chassis for my Bee+ but I dont want to have to buy all the other parts. I would be keen to buy a new bee3 chassis and use the extendable seat from the Bee+ would this fit?


  75. Hi Ellena,

    Does bee 3 “seat fabric” fit into bee plus seat?

  76. Hi – will the comfort wheeled board fit on bugaboo bee + and need to buy the bugaboo bee adaptors to make it fit the + model please? Thanks!

  77. I was wondering if you happened to know if the Bee 3 would fit in an older version of the travel bag? Thanks.

  78. The seat fabric of the Bee3 does fit the Bee+ seat unit. I have a Bee+ chassis and seat, I replaced the front wheels with Bee3 wheels, the seat and hood fabrics and the harness as well. I know it is not recommended by Bugaboo as it’s not safety checked but it does fit. So of course I can’t recommend to use it but I just tell you, that I swapped everything but the chassis and seat unit.
    I used to have a complete Bee3 and the 2010 breezy canopy fits.

  79. Hi Sarah – it does fit!

  80. Hi Ellena. I have one of first bee’s all original, and I was wondering if any canopy from new models bee+ or. 3 will fit on my old bee? Thank you

  81. Hi Ivi – the newer canopies will fit.

  82. Hi, can you please send me link with canopy I can buy on bee classic? I have no chance to try any other, thank you

  83. I mean bee classic 07-09year, so which one of the new canopies will fit please? Thank you