UPPAbaby’s 2015 Line – What’s New?

UPPAbaby is a smashing hit here at the ABC Show! With a brand new stroller, and a ton of upgrades on their classic buggies, you sure will find a stroller that you love!

While most of the Uppababy strollers remain the same for 2016, there are some additions to the line – Read what’s new for 2016

What’s new for the Uppababy Vista 2015?

vista configurationsThe most significant change is to the Vista. They’ve upgraded the Uppababy Vista 2015 completely and it’s now a real convertible stroller with so many configuration options. The Vista 2015 can now hold two toddler seats in either direction, two car seat, and even two bassinets – all the while strolling like a single stroller!

There is now a one-step fold, similar to the Uppababy Cruz’s. There’s a new, easy-to clean single piece bumper bar, and the bassinet has been updated to have a zip out liner and boot cover.

The actual stroller base combines aluminum with magnesium for optimal lightweight, durable performance. The frame has been smoothed out a bit as well. The new Vista also features the new never flat wheels with patent-pending AirGo technology that mimic the cushioned ride of an air-filled tire with the lightweight benefit of foam.image001

The Vista 2015 is available in Denny Red, Jake Black, Georgie Blue (NEW!), Lindsey Wheat, Pascal Grey (NEW!), Taylor Indigo, and Maya Marigold (NEW!). The Vista will now be going up in price as well because of the upgrades. SRP: $819.99 – $859.99

Read the full review of the 2015 Uppababy Vista here to learn more on why the Vista is the #1 convertible stroller



Uppababy Vista 2015

NEW Stroller – Uppababy Legacy 2015!

UPDATE: Uppababy has decided not to produce the Uppababy Legacy stroller

The Legacy from Uppababy may look familiar to you – it’s the Vista reintroduced! The Uppababy Legacy can now hold the Uppababy Mesa 2015 car seat directly without adapters – that’s really convenient. And the bassinet is now available separately, for all those parents who don’t need one.


What’s new for the Uppababy Cruz 2015?

Uppababy Cruz 2015

The streamlined design of the CRUZ stroller is a great solution for parents who want a compact stroller that does not compromise on function. The CRUZ has new redesigned larger wheels, a new, easy to clean bumper bar (now included!) while maintaining its lightweight and portable appeal. It has an easy one-step fold – with or without the seat attached, reversible toddler seat with recline, and an X-tra large basket.

The Cruz 2015 also features the new never flat wheels with patent-pending AirGo technology.

The 2015 Uppababy Cruz is available in Denny Red, Georgie Blue (NEW!), Jake Black, Maeve Lilac, Pascal Grey (NEW!), Lindsey Wheat (NEW!), and Maya Marigold (NEW!). SRP: $499.99 – $529.99

NEW Stroller – The Uppababy G-Link Double 2015

Uppababy G-Link Double

The G-link double umbrella stroller in the side-by-side version of our feature-packed G-Luxe stroller. The G-Link lets you recline the seats individually so your little one can comfortably snooze and your other child can go on babbling. Its agile without weighing you down!

Some great features are the hand-level folding triggers (no bending down!), height adjustable canopies, stand-alone fold, 4 recline positions to flat, and the included removeable cup holder.


Uppababy G-Luxe 2015 What’s new for the Uppababy G-Luxe 2015?

Well, the G-Luxe was always a favorite and it just got a bit better! The 2015 Uppababy G-Luxe now has a one-action brake, and the frame has been updated with a more robust profile.

The 2015 G-Luxe is available in Jake Black, Denny Red, Georgie Blue (NEW!), Sebby Teal, Ani Orange, Makena Purple, and Ella Emerald (NEW!).  SRP: $259.99 – $279.99


Uppababy G-Lite 2015What’s new for the Uppababy G-Lite 2015?

The G-Lite 2015 makes going out and about as easy as it was before kids. Well, almost:)

The 2015 Uppababy G-Lite now has a mesh slingseat for breathability and comfort and a completely removable fabric for easy cleaning. The underseat basket can now hold up to 15 lbs!

The Uppababy 2015 G-Lite is available in Jake Black and Denny Red. SRP: $159.99 – $179.99


Uppababy Mesa 2015
Uppababy Mesa 2015

What’s new for the Uppababy Mesa 2015?

The 2015 Mesa car seat lost some weight this year – and get ready for some great new fashions in late Spring – Denny Red, Georgie Blue, Jake Black, Lindsey Wheat, and Pascal Grey. With the new fashions, the seat is the same color as the canopy as well.


What else is new from Uppababy?

Uppababy Rumbleseat 2015

The Uppababy Vista Rumbleseat 2015 can now go rear facing, forward facing and recline – it’s the multitasking stroller seat you have only dreamed of. It rolls with the punches, and it does it with strength. While one child is enjoying a snack, the other can be enjoying a catnap. One can face forward, and the other face backward. They will be available in a variety of colors as well – woopee!!

00e345847da61d9836e011ea880c0d85The Uppababy Bassinet Stand in Grey is now available as well!

The Uppababy PiggyBack 2015 has been updated so that you can lift it out of the way when you don’t need it without removing it completely.

vista bassinetThe Uppababy Bassinet is now universal, fitting both the Vista and Cruz strollers – and there are no adapters needed!




  1. YAY!! I’m due in January and was eying the Vista! If there aren’t major changes, then I’ll be buying the Vista 2014 on sale, but if there are changes, I’ll get the Vista 2015!! Any idea when next year it will come out?

  2. I sure hope that they will update the Uppababy Rumbleseat. It’s a bit lousy now, but it does the job. And I hope it’ll fit older model Vista’s (can’t believe I’m calling my 2013 stroller”older model”!)

  3. I own the Uppababy G-Luxe 2014 and love love love it! Uppababy’s customer service is above all. I hope the G-Luxe 2015 stroller will have a better extendable canopy.

  4. When will you know more about Uppababy 2015 strollers? Can you sign me up to your update list?

  5. I thought that the Cruz was going to be discontinued… what happened?

  6. Hi Chris, So far there is no such news. We will let you know if we hear anything.

  7. Hi Nancy – we will know more in September at the ABC Show in Vegas where Uppababy will debut all new strollers!

  8. Hi Jen, We have no idea now when they will be released – sign up to get updates and we’ll email you as soon as we know more.

  9. Will there be the option to pre order for a October Delivery? Thanks!

  10. Hi Rosanna, There sure will be! Sign up above to be added to our list and you’ll be of the first to know more details and when it will be available

  11. I was. Very interested In buying the GLuxe stroller… I am holding back due to the canopy being smaller then others… When will the 2015 design be available to purchase?

  12. Hi Michelle – the new G-Luxe 2015 will be presented at the ABC show in September and should be available for purchase in October-November.

  13. i would like to know any updates on the Uppababy strollers.


  14. Hi Natalia – sign up in the form above and you’ll be added to our notification list!

  15. Would love to know more about the release date of the 2015 vista and mesa. Due in October and had my eye on both. Thanks 🙂

  16. Hi Sara Lee – be sure to sign up for updates and check back on September 7th:)

  17. does the cruz still have the bassinet option to buy?

  18. Hi Ashley, We believe that the optional Legacy bassinet, identical to the Vista’s, will now be suitable for the Cruz as well.

  19. Does the mesa car seat fit into the new Vista without the use of adapters?

  20. Hi Kris – that is one of the new updates! No more adapters:)

  21. Does the new rumble seat work with older versions of vista? Soo excited about all the changes!

  22. Will the new rumble seat fit the old models?

  23. Will there be adapers for the rumble seat to fit on previous Vista models?

  24. It sounds like the new vista and cruz strollers have the same connectors on both strollers. Are they the same as the 2014 vista or the 2014 cruz connectors?

    Also, does the new Cruz seat have a zippered pocket on the back?

  25. Is there any chance there will be an adaptor to allow the new and better rumble seat to attach to a 2011 frame?

  26. Is the 2015 vista going to contain the bassinet within the package like it did in 2014?

  27. Hi Charlie – yes it will.

  28. Will the Cruz have a car seat adapter for Chicco infant seats? Will the current Chicco car seat adapter fit on the 2015 Cruz?

  29. Hi Jackie – yes! There will actually be one universal car seat adapter that will fit the Cruz, Legacy, and Vista strollers that will work with all Chicco car seats.

  30. will the new vista have an adapter for britax car seats?

  31. Hi Lauren – so far it won’t:(

  32. Hello, looking at the vista 2015 configuration collage you have up there… I don’t see a picture of a toddler seat and a car seat together. Does this mean if a toddler and an infant are together…instead of the toddler sitting on the big chair he will need to sit on the rumble seat to accommodate the car seat??? Please lmk thanks.

  33. One more question on top of my previous question above. Compared to the city select can the vista 2015 toddler seat and rumble seat face each other with plenty of room?

  34. Hi Jen- lots of good questions:) It doesn’t seem that having a car seat in the lower position is possible if you have a toddler seat in the upper position. It would seem that the toddler seat would hit the car seat. Because we don’t have the new Vista in our showroom, we can’t measure the distance between the two seats of the City Select and Vista. We’re going to speak with them as soon as we can and as soon as we have more info, we’ll keep you posted:)

  35. Thank you and I also wanted to find out when you guys get the new vista model if both rumble and toddler seat face each other =) lmk thanks

  36. me encanto la version 2015, es igual para 60 kg en total lo que soporta? y no sepuede adquirir solo la sillita sin el capaso? gracias.

  37. Does anyone know if the new larger Airego tires on the 2015 cruz would maybe later be able to be put on the older 2014 cruz? And the new bumper bar as well? Or would they not be compatible. I am due mid October so dont want to wait until November for the new cruz but if maybe in a few months I’d be able to just add the new tires and bumper bar separately to my old cruz, that would be great.

  38. What is included with the vista 2015?

  39. Hi Ellena,

    Will Uppababy sell the new rumble seat adapters for older frames? This question was asked twice, but not answered.

  40. Hi Boris – we haven’t heard that they will be offering such an adapter, but we will check with our rep and get back to you as soon as we can.

  41. Hi! How much does the 2015 g-luxe and g-lite weigh?? Thank you!!

  42. Hi April! The G-Luxe weighs 15 lbs and the G-Lite weighs 11 lbs.

  43. Hi jessie! The Vista 2015 includes the seat, base, bassinet, bumper rain, rain cover, bug cover, and bassinet bug cover.

  44. What will The 2015 Cruz Stroller include and is there a pre-order available? I’m due first week in November and I’m trying to hold out for the 2015 Cruz with the new features as opposed to the older model.

  45. Hi Shukura – the 2015 Cruz strollers are now available for PreOrder and are expected early November. The Cruz will include the base, seat, rain cover, bug cover, and bumper bar. http://www.pishposhbaby.com/uppababy-cruz-2015.html

  46. Hi, I asked this, but nobody answered:

    Does anyone know if the new larger Airego tires on the 2015 cruz would maybe later be able to be put on the older 2014 cruz? And the new bumper bar as well? Or would they not be compatible. I am due mid October so dont want to wait until November for the new cruz but if maybe in a few months I’d be able to just add the new tires and bumper bar separately to my old cruz, that would be great.

  47. Do I need an adapter for the Mesa car seat in my vista 2015 ?

  48. Hi jessie – you would not!

  49. Hi Natasha – Uppababy just got back to us this morning with bad news:( The new AirGo tires will not fit the new Cruz, no will they be offering the updated bumper bar.

  50. With the new 2015 vista. Can only the mesa infant seat work. Are there other brands that will work for 2 infant car seats. Can 2 maxi cosi infant seats work on the new 2015 vista?

  51. Can I pre-order the G-link double umbrella stroller?

  52. Will the new 2015 Vista have adapters for the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35?

  53. We just got the news that Uppababy is working hard on releasing their Peg Perego adapter that will work for 4/35 but there is no release date as of yet.

  54. Hi Jenna, Not yet because pricing and release dates have not been confirmed. Be sure to sign up to be notified when we have more info.

  55. What is the estimated release date?

  56. Hi Jenna – the G-Link is expected to arrive next summer. As we get closer, we will have a better date

  57. Hi, i have the 2014 Uppababy Cruz stroller. Is the 2015 universal bassinet compatible with my stroller?

    Thank you very much!

    Nora Gelencser

  58. The new universal bassinet is compatible with the 2014 cruz stroller!

  59. Any chance the 2015 Vista will be ready to ship sooner? I am due at the beginning of November and really prefer the newer model over the 2014 as it seems to have better expansion options for more than 1 child.

  60. All expected ship dates are given to us from Uppababy – dates differ depending on color. Release dates are always tentative and subject to change on new items. The newer Vista is definitely a better option if you plan on using for more than one child. Perhaps borrow a stroller to use in the meanwhile…?

  61. Hi, just wondering will I be able to use a maxi cosi or BeSafe car seat with adaptors on the new vista?

  62. Will these fantastic new features be compatible with the 2014vista model?? I would like to be able to put a carrycot+toddler/rumble seat, and then also seats for two toddlers, onto my 2014 vista model?? I’m sure lots of others would like this too!! Fantastic thread, very useful, thank you!

  63. Hi Fiona – as the proud owner of a 2014 Vista – I wish the same thing as you! However the updates that they are making to their new Vista and rumbleseats won’t be applicable or useful to us:(

  64. Is there a scenario for the 2015 Vista where 2 children can face eachother?

  65. Any idea on exact release date on Cruz in black? (Don’t like preordering thinks…)

  66. The 2015 Uppababy Cruz in Jake Black is expected to arrive very soon – give our mom reps a call at 877.747.4767 to find out when exactly they will be arriving.

  67. any more word on the release date for the uppababy adapter for the peg perego 4/35 infant carseat? thanks!

  68. I want to know whether i should buy the double stroller or if i should buy the rumble seat for my current uppa baby vista older model. If i buy the double then can it be used as a single too? I also wanted to use the piggy back. It also sounds like the cruz is more like the vista , is this good for a double? My son will be 18 months when new baby comes along! Thanks for your help in advance!

  69. Do i have to buy two sets of adapters for the uppa baby vvista for the two seats??

  70. Hi Rebecca – great question:) Truth is – I’m due soon myself and my older daughter will be 18 months old when I do give birth to my second:) I own the 2014 Vista and trying to figure out what the best thing to do would be. An 18 month old needs a proper stroller seat – the piggyback isn’t enough. It really depends on how often you’ll use your stroller with both of your children and how much you think your older child will mind sitting in a rumbleseat. The 2014 rumbleseat does not recline and it can only face backwards. This is usually fine if you use your stroller randomly, but I can’t imagine my older child will be okay with sitting like that daily. The 2015 Vista can be both a single and a proper double with 2 forward-facing seats. I hope this helps:)

  71. Hi Rebecca – you do not need the lower and upper adapters to use the Vista with two seats. The Rumbleseat includes the necessary adapters. You can purchase upper adapters if you’d like even more room between the two seats.

  72. Hi! I currently own the 2014 Vista with the bassinet and wooden stand! I am dying that they came out with a newer version that seems great for more than one kid! Will any of the 2014 and 2015 parts be universal? Meaning we can add these seats to our 2014 frame? Or will these new two seat configurations only work on the 2015? If i get the newer 2015 would i also need a new bassinet stand? Thanks in advance!

  73. Hi Danielle. Most of the new 2015 accessories, including the second seat, are not compatible with the 2014 model:( Our site clearly states on all accessories what models each items fits. If you do decide to upgrade and purchase the 2015 model, you can still use your 2014 bassinet stand, however you will need the Vista Mesa adapters.

  74. Hi – I’m deciding between the 2015 Cruz and the 2014 Cruz (at a deep discount). Am I correct that the only differences are the tires and the bumper bar is now included? My understanding is I can buy a bumper bar separately for the 2014 Cruz. Is that right? Is that any different from the new one (other than it’s sold separately)? Could I still use the cup holder, parent organizer, and snack tray with the 2014?

  75. Hi Audrey, You are correct – the only upgrades for the 2015 stroller are the wheels and bar. The bar is available separately for the 2014 Cruz. The cup holder, parent organizer and snack tray will fit both the 2014 and 2015 stroller

  76. Hi — I have the 2014 Vista, and would like to use it in the future as a double stroller. Are the lower/upper adapters available now compatible with my 2014 Vista? Thanks!

  77. The lower/upper adapters are only for the new 2015 edition. You will need to purchase the 2014 rumbleseat to use your Vista as a double.

  78. Will the new 2015 Mesa colors (e.g. red/ Denny) be available soon?

  79. I was so excited to read about the UppaBaby Legacy. I’m a first-time expectant mom whose sister-in-law raved about her UppaBaby, but told me that the new one was $800+. When I read about the new Legacy, I got excited. But now they’re not coming out with it anymore? Is this true??

  80. that is correct:( uppababy has decided to hold off on the legacy for now. come september, there will be an updated line of all strollers from uppababy. perhaps they may launch it then…

  81. Ellena, can you use a maxi cosi adapter to put a non Mesa car seat in the upper position and still use the rumble seat in the lower position?

  82. Hi there I just bought the Uppababy 2015 Cruz, but waiting to receive it. My friend is offering her Uppababy 2014 bassinet, is it compatible with the cruz 2015?

  83. Hi Jenny – the 2014 Uppababy bassinet is not compatible with the 2015 Uppababy Cruz.

  84. Hi!

    I just got the peg Perego 4-35 and the 2015
    Vista. The lady who was helping me said that there is an adapter for it and there’s a sku, they just didn’t have in store. Where can I purchase this?

  85. Hi Ashley, was it a baby gear expert at Pishposh who let you know this?

  86. Hi!
    No, it was someone at buy buy baby.

  87. I’m sorry to let you know that you’ve been misinformed:( There is no adapter available yet to make the Peg Perego 4.35 compatible with the Vista. I know that they have plans of making such an adapter, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be in the near future. Although this is what Uppababy let us know, I suggest reaching out to Uppababy to inquire directly.

  88. Hello,

    Can you tell me the earliest available ship date for the Mesa car seat, any color.


  89. Will the new 2015 Uppababy Snack Tray work with the 2014 Vista?

  90. Hi Hannah – it will not:(

  91. Does the new 2015 vista rumble seat fit the 2014 stroller base?

  92. Hi Ivay – the new 2015 is not compatible with the 2014 stroller base:(

  93. Hello,
    I am due on Sept 4 and I already preordered Mesa 2015 carseat but there seams to be a hold up on every website. Anybody happens to know when they are being released again?

  94. Hi Ellena, Where can I find the “Vista Mesa adapters” (mentioned above- in your 2/3 post) that would enable me to use my 2015 Vista bassinet with my older bassinet stand?

  95. Hi Jacqueline – you would need to call Uppababy directly to inquire as to if they can sell the adapters to you separately (you should be). Let me know if you need any assistance on this.

  96. Hi Yana – It’s a bit frustrating about the 2015 Mesa car seat delay. The port in California has been having serious backup issues and so many of our manufacturers have been affected by these worker strikes. Give us a call directly to find out when we expect your seat to arrive.

  97. Hi I have a uppababy vista buggy and wondering it the 2015 lower adapter fix on it I brought it in 2013

  98. The only model compatible with the 2015 accessories is the 2015 model. Any Vista purchased prior to the 2015 model will not be compatible.

  99. Hi! How do the wheels on the 2015 Cruz fare in snow? Better than the 2014 model? How does it compare to the City Mini GT wheels? I am an urban mom in Chicago living in a 2nd floor walk up and don’t own a car. The Vista is way too heavy for me to deal with. Love everything about the Cruz but worried about the wheels.

  100. The wheels on the Cruz are quite upgraded for 2015, but the GT wheels will still push better on rougher terrain and snow because they are air-tires. However, the Cruz offers significant benefits over the GT including the reversible seat and huge underseat basket which are invaluable especially when you don’t own a car.

  101. Ellena – are the adapters that raise the primary seat on the Vista compatible with the older (2013) model? I have been using my vista as a single, but looks like it might become a double . Just wondering if that is something in the works? or if you know of any other adapters that might offer that extra space

  102. Hi Molly – no 2015 accessories will fit onto any older model Vista’s. Uppababy does not offer any solution to raising the Vista seat on the 2013 model.

  103. I just bought uppababy Cruz 2015. Can I fit my old uppababy bassinet from 2010 to the new stroller frame? If not, is there available adapter for it?

  104. Hi Monica – the two pieces are not compatible. I suggest reaching out to Uppababy to find out if there is a way you can make it work, however we do not believe that there is any way.

  105. Hello! I have made my mind for the G-luxe, however I am wondering the differences between 2013 and 2015 models? I would like to know if the extra money goes with the enhancements for the new model. What is your opinion?