Stokke Scoot V2 – What’s New from Stokke?


UPDATE: Order your Stokke V2 Stroller Today!

Stokke’s popular Scoot stroller has been drastically improved for Fall 2014 – What’s new for the Stokke Scoot V2?

Well, first of all, they’ve designed the seat in a way that it can now recline to three positions in both forward-facing and rear-facing direction. Previously, the seat was not able to do this – drastic improvement. The fold is more compact now, allowing for easy storage and folding.fold

The wheels have totally changed allowing for superior maneuverability. Both wheels were made of EVA and are now foam-filled rubber. The sizes have increased as well; the back wheel has changed from 176 mm EVA to 254, and the front wheels from 176 mm to 203 mm. They’ve removed the suspension in the front wheel – I guess it was interfering more than adding.recline

The Stokke Scoot’s handlebar used to telescope outwards – the preferred way of extending a handlebar. However they realized that if they would design the handlebar to rotate up and down instead, then it would provide a significant longer stride so that taller parents won’t kick the stroller.

The Stokke Scoot canopy is now easier to change without a zipper. There’s a larger cap to more protection, and extra ventilation when the seat is reclined.

The Stokke Scoot remains a really popular choice for parents who want a mid-size stroller that does it all!

The Stokke Scoot v2 is available in Black Melange, Red, Purple, and the cool new Slate Blue! It retails for just $599.99



  1. Hi Ellena,
    Wonder if the sibling seat for Crusi will be upgraded as well?

  2. Hi Elaine, No updates that we know of for the second seat of the Crusi..

  3. Is it coming out in Fall 2014 or Fall 2015? Your post says “Stokke’s popular Scoot stroller has been drastically improved for Fall 2015”

  4. Liz – thank you for pointing out that mistake! The Stokke Scoot V2 will be shipping in just 2 weeks!

  5. Hi Ellena, do you know if the new wheels can be used in the Scoot v1? Thanks.

  6. Hi it is described as height adjustable to any table like the xplory…the older model I was told at a store didn’t raise higher…does it indeed do this?

  7. Hi Elaine – the only stroller in the Stokke lineup that is height adjustable is the Stokke Xplory

  8. Hi Ellena,

    Do you ship to Malaysia?

  9. Hi Alina. We wish we could but due to strict regulations, we cannot. We have thousands of international customers who ship their orders to friends or relatives in the USA and have them forward the package on to them.

  10. Hi,
    When this item will be shipped?

  11. Is it possible to upgrade the wheels on the previous model to the new ones?

  12. Ruth – the wheels of the new V2 are not compatible with the first Stokke Scoot stroller.

  13. Hello there,

    I was just wondering can the seat be adjusted up
    And down on all stokke xplory? Like on v1 v2 v3 and v4?

    Thank you so much

  14. it cannot… 🙁

  15. I’m a little late to the party but just wondering if the v2 seat can fit on the v1?

  16. Hi Maria – I would recommend reaching out to Stokke to get an accurate answer to your question.

  17. Hi , can the v2 seat be used as a sibling seat on the crusi or only v1 .

    Tnx again

  18. Hello, where can I buy a safety bar for the v2?

  19. Hello,

    Can the textile sets & canopy of V2 be applied to V1 as well?

  20. Hi Ersun – you will need to ask Stokke if it will work…

  21. Hi Harriet, You will need to contact Stokke directly to find that out. Best of luck!

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