Baby Jogger Vue Double Stroller – Most Ideal Double Stroller!

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After extensive testing of the Vue Double it doesn’t stand up against Baby Jogger’s rigorous standards of quality, therefore Baby Jogger has made a collective decision to not move forward with the launch at this time.

Their fans have been begging and we’re hoping that Baby Jogger has been listening. The Baby Jogger Vue Double is debuting at the ABC Show right now! Check out the photo’s and fall in love. This would be the very first umbrella-style stroller will reversible seats – a feature any parent would love!

 If one child wants to feel more connected to Mom or Dad while the other wants to watch the world roll by, the Vue can handle it. Both children can also face in the same direction, whether it’s parent-facing or forward-facing. And the best part is the seats reverse in an instant by just adjusting the angle… so no more having to take a seat out to reverse it.

All that with an umbrella fold for easy storage. The Vue Double, yet another evolution of the umbrella stroller! Will retail for just $399

Looking for a single stroller? Be sure to check out the Baby Jogger Vue single stroller!


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  1. I have always been, and will always be, I HUGE fan of the Baby Jogger products. This stroller looks amazing. The hardest thing about umbrella strollers is that the manufacturers tend to mistake the need for a “lightweight” stroller to mean “junky”. But this stroller really seems to project the quality of the Baby Jogger line. I have two other umbrella stroller and decided to try this one. I like it even better than my Macleran. It is very sturdy, and there is plenty of leg room in front for an older child. What’s best is that this stroller can be converted to rear facing, which allows it to be used for infants as well. It even lays flat in case parents want to use it for a newborn. All in all, a great buy and I would recommend this stroller to everyone.

  2. How heavy will the Vue double be?

  3. Hi ModernWifey – so far we’ve heard that the Vue Double will weigh 30 lbs

  4. When will it be available for purchase?

  5. Hi! Do you know if this will fit through standard doorways?

  6. Hi April, We do not know this information yet as it has not been released and specs have not been confirmed. Check back later!

  7. Aliza, thanks for your recommendation. Yes, absolutely I bought a stroller from Booyah Strollers but that’s not the umbrella stroller. However my newborn twins are fit perfect in this stroller.

  8. Is there no underbasket on it ? My husband and I are trying for our 2 and 3rd babies I have a 4 year old and I’ve been doing serious stroller searches and was trying to decide between uppababy Vista and baby jogger city select as well as bugaboo donkey ….baby jogger makes nice things I just wish they gave more accessories provided with the purchase of the stroller.

  9. Baby Jogger’s strollers generally retail for less than the other brands because they don’t include the accessories. But it would be nice if they were included. There is an underseat basket on all strollers you are looking at.

  10. Will the double vue not be released?

  11. The Vue Double has been put on hold at Baby Jogger.

  12. why hasnt it come out yet

  13. Hi Vanesa – for various reasons, they put the release of the Vue Double on hold.

  14. I really love this stroller has it come out yet and if not is there another on the market like this I am in need of one assp like this

  15. Plans for the Vue Double have been put on hold. If you are looking for a lightweight double stroller, check out the new Maxi Cosi Dana for 2 stroller – we’re in love:)

  16. I really want this stroller? Did it ever come out?

  17. Hi Wendy – The Vue Double has been taken off the Baby Jogger agenda.

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