Full Review of the Chicco Nextfit CX Convertible Seat

Chicco Nextfit CX Convertible Car Seat

Introducing the upgraded and updated Chicco Nextfit CX Convertible car seat! The Nextfit CX is built upon the success and awareness of the beloved, top-rating Chicco Nextfit seat.

The Chicco Nextfit CX includes all the features that make the Nextfit so great, but they’ve added the patented Comfort Flex harness system that keeps the harness up and out-of-the way for easy in/out!

Retails for just $299.99 and is in stock! Available in Skylight Blue and Jasper Grey – don’t forget to order yours!

Compare the Nextfit CX against the Nextfit and Nextfit ZIP car seats here!


  • ReclineSure® 9-position Leveling System for an accurate fit in a wider range of vehicles
  • Dual RideRight® Bubble Level-Indicators
  • Exclusive SuperCinch® LATCH Tightener
  • Padded ComfortFlex™ Harness Management System
  • Integrated LATCH strap slide path for conversion from rear-facing to forward-facing
  • Infant insert for smaller babies
  • 5-point harness with one-pull tightener
  • 2-position chest clip for growing children
  • 6-position adjustable headrest
  • Shoulder straps widen as headrest is raised
  • Built-in belt lock-offs for installation with vehicle belt
  • Integrated LATCH storage compartments
  • Removable cup holder for use on either side of the seat


  1. Any idea if the CX is their way of phasing out the Zip already? I know it’s only sold by Babies R Us but even they only have limited stock. They don’t even have the option to order in the Equinox. I need a carseat this week and I have my eye on the Nextfit Zip and the Maxi Cosi 85. Should I settle for the Zip knowing there’s a new version coming in January I won’t be able to have or switch and get the Pria 85?

  2. Hi Rebecca – we just checked with Chicco and they do not plan on discontinuing their Chicco Nextfit Zip anytime soon. The Nextift CX includes the comfort flex harness management system, but does not have the Zip & Wash fabric.

  3. Is the CX machine washable like the ZIP?

  4. it is not.

  5. Is it really not machine washable? According to the description on buy buy baby the cover comes off to either be hand washed or machine washed. I thought it would be similiar to the regular Nextfit (not the zip) which is also machine washable, it just takes a million steps to put it on and take it off, unlike the zip which just zips on and off. Is the CX really worth the extra money? How convenient do these special straps really make it to get a baby in and out?

  6. The CX fabric is machine-washable, however it isn’t as easy as the zip’s fabric to remove.

  7. Do the shoulder strap covers on the CX version velcro off for removal? I know they velcro on the Zip version but not the regular Nextfit. Curious about this feature on the CX version.

  8. Hi Jackie – they strap covers are removable!

  9. Do toy know if the CX will be sold by Babies R Us? We’re registered there and would like to buy it from them.

  10. hi jeremy – we do not know what seats are available to which retailers, but we do have the Nextfit CX in stock and ready to ship. If you would want to change your plans – if you give our Baby Experts a call, they can give you a great deal on the seat. It’s a personal favorite of mine.

  11. Does the netflix cx have the extended crotch strap?

  12. Based on lots of research, I was ready to buy the Chicco NextFit. Then I saw the Nextfit CX and the Nextfit Zip. Are the three likely to be similarly rated for safety? I’m not convinced I understand the differences among the three.

  13. All Nextfit car seats are pretty much identical in terms of safety features. The NextFit CX and the NextFit Zip have the ComfortFlex Harness Management. The Zip has the added benefit of having a super easy removable cover.

  14. It does!

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