Cybex introduced a new booster seat this morning – the Cybex Solution M-Fix Booster!

The Solution M-Fix is similar to the Q-Fix, aside from some significant changes. The M-Fix’s headrests can be adjusted with a lever, instead of wriggling it into place.

The Q-Fix’s head and torso support move up and down together, but on the new M-Fix, the torso remains in the place while the head support adjusts.

The last difference is that the M-Fix now has the LSP pop out – similar to that of the Aton seats.

The Cybex M-Fix booster is so so comfortable – you wouldn’t even believe it. The fabric is so soft, and the comfortable side wings give your child a lot of support. Plus the booster is very tall and grows with your child.

We’ll keep you updated on pricing as soon as we know more!