As a mom, you’ve probably already discovered that getting your little one to sleep involves more than just tucking him or her in. There are lullabies to sing, bedtime stories to be read, sweet dreams to be wished, and good-night kisses and hugs to be given. Occasionally, there might even be requests to leave the light on, or heat up a glass of warm milk, or take another trip to the bathroom.

In time, your kids will learn how to do these pre-bedtime rituals on their own. We at PishPoshBaby wish to encourage young children to become independent and responsible individuals, starting with simple rituals like going to bed. This is why we came up with a printable checklist of bedtime activities and chores that can be their guide to a restful slumber. The list is divided into “bedtime” and “wake up”, so that you and your little one can see if they’re getting enough sleep and doing all the bedtime rituals that come before sweet dreams.