Holiday season: that exciting, sparkling time of year that’s punctuated with love, giving, and togetherness. Sometimes that togetherness is a quick walk or car ride away. And sometimes, as in expert mom traveler Rina harvey’s case, it’s several time zones away.

Rina is part of a very close knit family spread out over four continents, and that means very long plane rides with the kiddos whenever they want to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Rina’s shared dozens of amazing tips with us over the months, and we’ve decided to turn those tips into a handy infographic called Essentials to Survive Your Next Long Road Trip with Baby. It’s full of tips and hacks for preparing and traveling with kids while keeping mama’s sanity and poise intact.

Print out a copy and keep it handy – we hope it makes your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. Have a safe trip!