ARTGALL_StrollerSeatStyleKit-GRID_01Bring the positive, fun vibe of the 1960´s back for an encore with this hot sixties style!

Stokke introduces a brand new Style Kit in upbeat Grid. The pattern is inspired by the graphic prints widely used in the 1960´s, typical of fashion and interiors during this mod era.

Grid has a vintage, retro vibe with a modern twist incorporating grey, white, black and pops of vivid orange. With the Style Kit, you can update the look of your Stokke® stroller to stay on trend, stand out or simply to match your own signature style. The Style Kit also offers adaptability and uniqueness as it can be mixed and matched with your original seat textile to create three different looks.

The Style Kits fits the Stokke Xplory, Stokke Crusi and Stokke strollers. The Stokke® Stroller Seat Style Kit includes the hood with visor, seat rail cover and rear textile cover.