Q: When would I need the Vista Upper & Lower Adapters?

UPPAbaby-Vista-Rumble-Seat-Configurations-2015Q: I am looking to purchase the Uppababy Vista 2015. I plan on using it for two children. I see an upper and lower adapter available – when would I need to use those?

A:  For any 2-child configurations, Upper Adapter & Lower Adapter is required. The Rumbleseat includes the rumbleseat adapter.

In the UPPER SEAT position, two adapters are needed with other brand infant seats: Upper Adapter + Brand Infant Car Seat Adapter.  In the LOWER SEAT position, two adapters are needed with Chicco Infant Seat: Lower Adapter + Chicco Infant Car Seat Adapter.

Use the handy chart below to find out what accessories are necessary for you to build the perfect Vista that will work for your family. And of course – if you have any questions – give us a call or post your questions below!

uppabbay compatibility2

uppabbay compatibility

Q: Can I use the 2015 Vista Rumbleseat with an older model Vista?

No accessories designed for the seat or rumbleseat of the new 2015 Vista will fit onto any older model Vista. This includes car seat adapters as well.



  1. Thank you so much for this great post!

  2. Hello,

    I have purchased a used older Vista model and was wondering if I can attach the rumble seat & bassinet as shown in the 2015 diagram model of the vista using top adapters? When I purchased my stroller from the previous owner I received a bassinet, rumble seat , and also the older rumble seat model.

  3. Hi Caitlin – no accessories from the new 2015 model are compatible with the older 2014 model – including all adapters and seats. The only positions possible with the 2014 Vista are with two seats, or car seat + rumbleseat.

  4. Hello! Like the previous commenter- I also have the previous model Vista. Can I buy the lower adapter for the precious model? I can’t seem to find any information. Or can the rumble seat click on that lower section?

  5. All accessories designed for the seat or rumbleseat, including all car seat adapters, of the 2015 Vista are not compatible with any older model Vista strollers.

  6. Hi do you know if I have a peg perego car seat and only the toddler seat, what configurations I can do? I have a newborn and a 2 year old and I do not plan on purchasing a rumble seat. Do you know if I can get the lower adapters and place the toddler seat on lower and peg perego on upper?


  7. Unfortunately Uppababy did not offer Peg Perego adapters for their new Vista

  8. Do I need to buy the lower adapters if I am getting the rumble seat which comes with lower adapters? For instance, if I put the bassinet on bottom with the toddler seat on top, can I use the rumble seat adapters? I noticed there wasn’t as much room for my toddler with the bassinet on top and rumble on bottom.

  9. The RumbleSeat is the only thing that fits onto the RumbleSeat adapters. To put anything else (bassinet or Mesa) in the lower position. You’ll need the Lower Adapters as well.

  10. Hi
    I have the uppababy vista 2011, but I needed to know if I buy the rumble seat I needed upper adapter??


  11. The only rumbleseat that will fit onto the 2011 Vista is the 2014 Rumbleseat. The upper and lower adapters will only fit and are only needed for the 2015 model.

  12. Is the Mesa 2015 the only car seat that fits together with a Rumble seat at the same time on Vista 2015? Do you know if the Vista can fit a Chicco with adapter on the top of the stroller, and then a Rumble Seat (2015) on the bottom, at the same time? Or any configuration of the Chicco with Rumble seat? If not, what about Maxi Cosi with the Rumble Seat? Thanks so much!

  13. Both the Chicco and Maxi Cosi car seats can be used on the 2015 Vista with both the upper adapters and either the Chicco or Maxi Cosi adapter. The car seat sits on top of the stroller and the rumble seat is situated on the bottom position.

  14. Can you use the rumble seat with the Graco 2015 adapter?

  15. Yes you can have an infant in the Graco+adapter on top and the RumbleSeat in the lower position.

  16. I think the “toddler seat” that comes with the stroller is different than the “rumble seat” that comes as an accessory although they look very similar. Do you know if I can put a “rumble seat” in the top position? Or can only the “toddler seat” go in the top position? Thanks!

  17. The Rumbleseat is a bit different than the regular Vista seat and won’t fit onto the top position:(

  18. Thanks! I realized the “toddler seat” is way better than the “rumble seat” as it fits a bigger child and has an adjuster on the footrest which comes in handy all the time. The best part is that I can put 2 “toddler seats” on the stroller using the lower adapter. My kids love it!

  19. Hi Ellena. I have the 2015 Vista, but have not yet purchased the adaptors. Can I fit the toddler seat and the mesa seat on the stroller at the same time? None of the images Uppababy provides shows that configuration.

  20. I have a 2010 Uppa vista .. Can I use the toddler seat and graco infant car seat? If so do I need adapters and which ones?

  21. Hi Matt, the best position in such a case would be to put the Mesa on top and the Rumbleseat on the bottom (not Toddler seat)

  22. You have the old model of the Vista which does not allow you to use a car seat on the bottom. You need to find an older model car seat adapter to use on top and the older model rumbleseat to use on the bottom. Best of luck

  23. Hi Gary! Thanks for this comment, I was trying to figure out if the toddler seat would go into the lower position or if I had to buy a rumble seat…

  24. Hi Matt, how do u use two lower adapters?

  25. I was wondering where you found a second “toddler seat”?

  26. Hi Jason – I’m confused by your question. What are you looking for?

  27. is it possible to put the bassinet on top and the rumble or toddler seat in the lower position on the 2016 Vista?

  28. Hi Stephanie – yes. You can put the bassinet on top and forward-facing rumbleseat in the lower position

  29. Hi Gary, I’m trying to work out if I can put the toddler seat on the bottom using lower adaptors (I have the vista 2015) and your posts suggests this is possible. Can you confirm this is what you do? The lady in the shop advised that the toddler seat shouldn’t go on the bottom but I can’t work out why? Thanks so much

  30. I believe that it will work, although it isn’t recommended. Give Uppababy a call to confirm the configurations.

  31. Hey!

    I’m thinking I have a huge problem now.
    I have the 2014 uppababy vista stroller and I just purchased 2015 Vista Upper Adapter 2pc and the 2015 Rumble seat. My fabric on my 2014 rumble seat has molded and I need a new one asap which is why I purchased this but now that I’ve read all these comments I’m thinking I’ve made a mistake…. Can someone please advise me on what to do? Should I call snuggle bugs and tell them to cancel the order??

  32. Elika – the 2015 accessories you ordered will NOT fit onto your 2014 Vista! I would highly suggest calling to cancel the order ASAP before it ships out. The only rumbleseat option for you is this: http://www.pishposhbaby.com/upbaviruse.html

  33. Hi, I have a question,
    I think the answer is above but I want to make sure!

    I have the vista 2015,
    I would like to put the bassinet on the top but have the other seat be able to face outwards not inwards is this possible?
    Also if this is possible what adapters will I need?

    Also is it possible for the toddler seat to be on the bottom or does it have to be the rumble seat on the bottom?

  34. When you are using the Uppababy Vista as a double and situate the bassinet on the top position, and the rumble seat on the bottom, you may want to use the upper adapters to give more space between the seats. The Rumble seat can be rear or forward facing. The toddler seat cannot be used on the bottom part of the frame, only the rumble seat can.

  35. Hi there, we have the 2015 Vista and the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 car seat. With our first child, we just used the upper adapters to place the carseat into the stroller. We have found that there are bottom adapters for the same carseat, but what configuration works on top? Do you know? Would it still be possible to use the Maxi Cosi on top and then a rumble seat facing outwards on bottom? I’m thinking there wouldn’t be enough space, but I’m not sure. Thank you!

  36. I have a 2010 uppababy vista & i need to put on. 2013 britax carseat. What adaptor can i use? I need a link to purchase. Thanks. JenniferLeighVerdon@gmail.com

  37. Hi, like Stephanie, I want the bassinet at the top (and bought the upper adaptors for this) and the toddler seat or rumble seat (with rumble seat lower adaptors) on the bottom. But when I do this with the rumble seat facing forwards (away from me), it hits the bassinet and there isn’t space for my son. Is it possible to do this (bassinet on top and rumble seat at the bottom facing forwards)?

  38. Hi Jenny – I don’t think that the two will be compatible. You will need to reach out to Uppababy directly to find out if their current adapters will.

  39. Hi
    I wanted to know if I can attach the regular seat that comes with the stroller on the bottom part while having a car seat on the top part? I wanted to know if I actually need to buy the rumble seat. Because I will be having a 3 year old who is now 30lbs and a newborn.

  40. You actually can – you will need the lower adapters. However if you use the toddler seat on the lower position, it will only be able to be used rear-facing.

  41. No – it won’t work. You need to put the bassinet on the lower position and the toddler seat on top…

  42. If I purchase th adaptors for my vista, can I use the toddler seat the stroller originally came with in the lower position?

  43. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these! I’m considering upgrading from an ’09 Vista to a 2015. However, it will eventually need to be used as a triple. I’m understanding I can use the Chicco adapter and the car seat in the top position, as well as the toddler seat in the lower position, parent facing. Is that correct? Do lower adapters need to be purchased if that’s the case? And then we’d likely add a piggyback board and/or Rumbleseat down the line. Thanks!

  44. You can – you would need the lower adapters to do that and you would only be able to use the seat rear-facing.

  45. Hi! I have the 2015 vista with the Chico infant car seat and Chico adapter. My son is now 1 and a half and we’re about to have our second so going to purchase the rumbleseat. Do I need to purchase the upper adapters or can I get by with just purchasing the rumbleseat (which comes with the lower adapters)? Thank you!

  46. I have a uppa baby vista 2010, I need the upper and lower attachments.. where would I buy older attachments or which year would work.. I have 2010 rumbleseat and bassinet with a chicco keyfit car seat with an uppa attachment.

  47. Hi Lina, None of the 2015+ accessories are going to work with your Vista anymore:(

  48. I have the 2017 Uppa Baby Vista Double Stroller. I am purchasing two Mesa car seats for the stroller. Do I need both upper and lower adapters and how many sets?

  49. You will need one of each the upper and lower adapter.

  50. You would need to purchase the Chicco Adapters, Lower Adapters and Upper Adapters. Rumbleseat will include the rumbleseat adapters.

  51. The toddler seat cannot fit on the lower position. I would advise you to purchase the rumbleseat and you will need lower adapters as well. You will need to purchase the Chicco adapters + upper adapters to use the Car seat in the first position.

  52. If you put the Maxi Cosi car seat in the lower position with the Lower Maxi Cosi Adapter, you can use a bassinet or toddler seat in the upper position with the addition of the upper adapters. Or you can use your Maxi Cosi car seat in the upper position with the Rumbleseat in the lower position (Rumbleseat includes the necessary lower adapters.)

  53. I have a stroller that was manufactured in 2013. I am trying to attach my car seat and toddler seat at the same time. I have contacted uppababy with no luck. what am I missing for this to work?

  54. Your stroller is not compatible with such a configuration. Only Vista’s from 2015+ are.

  55. HI I have a 2013 vista and a 2015 uppababy mesa carseat. Are there adapters to attach the carseat to my stroller?

  56. Hi Stephany, There are adapters that can attach the 2015 Uppababy Mesa car seat onto the 2013 Uppababy Vista. They can be obtained through Uppababy. All you got to do is register your Mesa on Uppababy’s website(if you haven’t done so already) and request the adapters here.

  57. Please can you explain to me, if you use the toddler seat on the lower adapter why it can only go parent facing??

  58. There is simply not enough room.

  59. Sorry I want to make sure Im understanding right before I go and buy the wrong model stroller.
    Is the 2015 modEl and newer, the only models that can fit multiples? Or can you add a lower adapter to the older models as well? I’m trying to fit my 2yr old and newborn 🙂

  60. The 2014 Vista can accommodate two children, but the 2015 & 2017 version has much more options in terms of using it for two people.

  61. What about the 2010 or 2012 model? Can they attatch a lower rumble seat?

  62. You would have to purchase the specific 2014 rumbleseat (not the newest version) to make your 2010-2012 Vista compatible.

  63. Hello, I have the Vista 2014. Do you know where I can purchase lower seat adapters in order to accommodate two children?

  64. Hi I believe I have the 2013 or 2014 Vista, I already have an adapter for my Graco car seat. What are my options in terms of putting a second child With a car seat in top? And what would I need to purchase ? Thanks!

  65. What do you mean there is not enough room? Does the feet drag on the floor or does the top of the toddler seat in the lower position touch the seat in the upper position? If so, is this the case with the car capsule, bassinet and toddler seat in the upper position or just with one in particular? I am referring tothe 2017 model. Thanks

  66. Hi, I have the 2015 uppababy vista model. I wish to use as a double with toddler seat on top and either bassinet or Maxi Cosi car seat on bottom. Are two different lower adapters required for bottom? And would there be enough space between seats without purchasing upper adapters? TIA 😊

  67. Hi Olivia, You would need to purchase a set of both upper and lower adapters. To use a car seat on the bottom, you will need to purchase the additional Maxi Cosi adapter.

  68. Hi, are there upper adapters available for the UppaBaby 2014 Vista to move the Mesa up and away from the Rumble Seat, giving some extra room?

  69. Hi, I have the 2014 Vista and 2015 Mesa and Rumble seat. What adapters would I need for these to work as a double stroller? Or will it? Also, can I purchase new clips for the 2014 stroller? Ours were broken off at the airport which is how I ended up with these mismatched pieces!

  70. There aren’t:(

  71. Hi Jessia – no 2015 accessories are going to fit on your 2014 Vista stroller:( You need the older rumbleseat and you can contact Uppababy for the Mesa adapters (They will be free)



  74. I have a 2015 vista. Can I put the toddler seat in the lower position facing outward and the bassinet or Chicco car seat in the upper position. Trying to figure out how to fit my heavy toddler (will be too heavy for the rumble seat) and an infant in my stroller. Hoping I don’t have to put the infant in the lower position.

  75. The toddler seat won’t really fit well into the lower position. You will need to place your toddler in the upper position and the baby in the lower position:(

  76. There are many car seats that will fit onto the Vista – Chicco, Maxi Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, Mesa, etc.

  77. Hi!

    I just bought the 2017 model and have a Chicco car seat. I have the adapters for it as well the the lower and upper adapters as I’d like to use the toddler seat and the Chicco car seat at the same time. However , whenever I have toddler on top (since it can’t go on the bottom) and the Chicco lowers and adapter on bottom, the car seat doesn’t seem to want to click when facing me/parent. The car seat only clicks on the powers when facing outward. Is this correct? Can the baby only face out on the bottom when toddler is on top/upper?