Want a stroller that grows with your family? Here is a convertible stroller guide to help you determine which stroller is for you. Keep in mind that all of them can handle a glider board attachment as well for a third child.

Baby Jogger
City Select
UPPAbaby Vista Bugaboo Donkey Stokke Crusi Mountain Buggy Plus One
Dimensions L”xW”xH” 43.5 x 27.75 x 41.5 26.5 x 37 x 39.5-42 32 x 23.6 x 33-42 35 x 25 x 41 46” x 25”  x 31.5-49″
Stroller Weight single/double 28/34 lbs 27.5/32 lbs 29/33 lbs 28/34 lbs 28/31 lbs
Weight Capacity 
main seat/second seat
45/45 lbs 50/35 lbs 37.5/37.5 lbs 33/33 lbs 55/44 lbs
Wheel Size 8″/12″ 8″/11″ 10″/12″ 7.5″/10″ 12″
 Wheel Type Forever-Air Never flat AirGo wheels Foam-filled Rubber Rubber Air Filled Rubber
Fold as a Double
Configurations 16 13 16 6  4
Reversible Main Seat
Brake Hand Foot Foot Foot Hand
Recline main seat/second seat 4 Position/4 Position 4 Position/4 Position 3 Position/3 Position 3 Position/✗ multi-position/multi-position
Head Height 21″ 24″ 25″ 25″ 28″
How it doubles Inline Inline Side-by-Side Inline Inline
Included Accessories Chassis, Seat Chassis, Bassinet,Toddler Seat,
Toddler Seat Rain Shield & Bug Net,
Bassinet Bug Net, Belly Bar
Chassis, Seat, Bassinet,
Bumper Bar,
Rain Cover,
Side Storage Basket
Chassis, Seat,
Bumper Bar,
Rain Cover,
Bug Cover
Chassis, Seat,
Second Seat, Bumper Bar, Infant Mattress, Bottle Holder
Price $499.99/659.94 $819.99/859.99 $1329/1719/1885 $1249.99/1549.98 $699.99

Which stroller would you be most likely to try, and why?


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