A Full Review of the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista

Extendable Canopy
Extendable Canopy

UPPAbaby has very quickly become a popular, top-selling baby gear brand. If you’ve ever used their products, you know why! UPPAbaby products are so high quality and good-looking, but they are also so user-friendly! From the handlebar to the wheels, UPPAbaby goes out of their way to make sure their products make parenting easier, not harder. The popular Vista stroller has been totally redesigned for 2015 and we are even more in love with it than ever before!



UPPAbaby has upgraded just about every part of the Vista for 2015! They have improved the RumbleSeat to allow fora lot more configurations AND it even comes in coordinating colors now. The stroller now has a compact, self-standing fold even with the seat attached. The frame has been upgraded to an aluminum + magnesium blend for ultimate durability. The wheels and fabrics are also nicer than ever before! The swing-away bumper bar is included and makes a great foot rest or toy bar! It sounds strange but the new harness is one of my favorite features! It is tangle-free and easy to adjust. It is comfy for your child and SO easy to buckle and unbuckle! When you are trying to wrangle a fussy toddler into a stroller – a quick harness is so important!

Compact Fold
Compact Fold
Full Recline
Full Recline

The Vista comes with one toddler seat and one infant bassinet. The UPPAbaby bassinet is so plush and comfortable. It features a one-handed release and a HUGE extendable canopy. Twins? No problem! With the upper and lower adapters, you can put two bassinets or even two Mesa car seats on the Vista at the same time! All of the bassinet fabric is removable and washable. The bassinet is even approved for overnight sleeping. Paired with the Bassinet Stand, you have a portable, safe and comfy bed for baby anywhere! UPPAbaby has thought of everything… they even make a hamper insert to turn your bassinet stand into a laundry basket that your child can use for YEARS! Talk about ultimate value!

My Kids!
My Kids!

The Vista makes a wonderful double or even triple stroller! As your family grows, you can add the RumbleSeat and eventually the PiggyBack (for an older child to stand and ride along). With all of the configuration possibilities, the Vista can be the only stroller your family ever needs! UPPAbaby mainly focuses on safety and convenience. All of their products work so seamlessly together! If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at Lindsey@PishPoshBaby.comand remember… we’re moms, we get it!



  1. How does this compare to the new mountain buggy plus one?

  2. The Mountain Buggy Plus One differs greatly from the new 2015 Vista. The only similarity between the two strollers are that they both grow with your family. Otherwise, the Vista offers a ton more configuration options, with the ability to use two seats, bassinets, and car seats on the stroller the same time. If you will be using your stroller as a double a lot, the Vista is the way to go. If you will every so often be using it as a double, then take a look at the Plus One.

  3. If you have two toddler seats in the buggy, can both seats fully recline at the same time?

  4. Even when you use your Vista in double mode with a rumbleseat, you can still fully recline both seats.

  5. How do you get the two seats to both be able to recline? I am having this issue with my vista 2015! Also, if you have the parent organizer attached can you still have a piggy back rider standing under it or will it be in the way? thanks!

  6. Give our reps a call and they can help you figure out the recline on the seats. The organizer will be in the way of the piggyback

  7. Hi Ellena – do you know whether the 2015 vista can handle 2 car seats other than the Mesa? (ie two maxi cosi or peg perego) with the upper/lower adapter and a car seat adapter each.

  8. You sure can! The Vista can accommodate two Chicco, Maxi Cosi or Nuna car seats at the same time.

  9. Hi Ellena–we purchased the 2015 Vista from Pish Posh a few months ago–love it and shipping was so fast! This is our first baby, but plan to have another in the next 2 years or so. Should we go ahead and purchase the RumbleSeat now (in case it gets discontinued)?

  10. Hi Michelle, There are no plans at all of the 2015 Vista being discontinued, but we don’t know what will happen in the next few years. I would suggest you wait a bit and keep an ear out at the end of each year to listen out if a new model will be released. I would not purchase one if I don’t currently need it.

  11. Hello,
    Do you know if the old bassinet (pre-2015) fits the new 2015 model?
    Thanks so much!

  12. It wont

  13. Does the 2013 Mesa work with the 2015 vista?

  14. Hi Heidi – great news! The 2013 Mesa car seat is compatible with the 2015 Vista without the need for any additional adapters.

  15. Hi Ellena, could you tell me if the 2015 Vista will fit the toddler seat ( not rumbleseat) and infant car seat?

  16. Hi! Yes it is possible to use the toddler seat on top and an infant car seat in the lower position.

  17. Could you tell me the weight limit for the rumble seat? Also, if I’m using a car seat, can I use the toddler seat as well or just the rumble seat? Thank you!

  18. The weight limit for the rumbleseat is 35 lbs. You can use the toddler seat on the bottom but only rear-facing. Or you can use the car seat in the lower position and the toddler seat in the upper.

  19. Baby #1 is this 2015 my best bet? Does the mesa carseat fit?

  20. The Mesa car seat fits directly onto all Vista strollers from 2015+.

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