GB Pockit Stroller – Full Review of the Smallest Folding Stroller EVER!

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gbpockitI know you didn’t think that it was possible, but a new stroller is out with a fold that will be even smaller than the current strollers-with-the-tiniest-fold lineup (you can see them all here). The GB Pockit just keeps folding and folding until it’s so small, you wouldn’t believe it.

GB’s Pockit stroller was recognized as the ‘world’s smallest folding stroller’ by the Guinness World Records. The magic of the Pockit stroller is its advanced bionic design. GB’s design concept is based on lifestyle and consumer experience. The ambition to create the smallest pocket stroller is easy to understand: make everyday life easier and less hassle. They found a convenient, pocket sized way to do it. Folded ONLY 14″ x 12″ x 7″!
goodbaby_pocket_strollerIt’s not a one-step fold or one-hand fold and the canopy is tiny, but if that doesn’t bother you – then you should definitely check out this new stroller. The seat looks comfy, the basket looks roomy, and unfolding it is super easy. There actually is another way to fold it for a larger fold.

Weighs just 9 lbs and holds children from 6 months to 55 lbs. The fabric is removable and washable. The underseat basket is spacious. You can lock the front swivel wheels.

Check out our video below to see the coolest stroller in action!

Price: $249.95

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Hands-On Review from Lindsey, Baby Gear Expert


GB Pockit Stroller
GB Pockit Stroller

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be one of the first to offer you a full review of the GB Pockit stroller. I was lucky enough to test the stroller with my two-year-old son, Luke, for a couple of weeks and we could not be more impressed! The GB Pockit Stroller holds the world record for smallest-folding stroller. It ships fully assembled and neatly folded into a box about the size of a small briefcase!

In the Box!
In the Box!

I am really impressed with the overall quality of the stroller. The frame is sturdy and durable and the fabric feels great! The fabric snaps off and is even machine-washable. Weighing in at just under ten pounds, the Pockit boasts a whopping 55 pound weight capacity! The padded, adjustable 5-point harness features the quick-release buckle technology that we’ve come to expect on full-size luxury strollers.

The front wheels can be set to swivel for everyday use, or locked straight for rougher terrains*. Due to its unique fold, the Pockit is one of the only lightweight strollers with an easy-access storage basket. There are no “umbrella” type bars in the way of

Padded, Adjustable, Quick-Release Harness
Padded, Adjustable, Quick-Release Harness

the basket. The included sun canopy is a nice bonus as well and provides UPF 50 sun protection.

The Pockit was designed with airline travel in mind. It is narrow enough to actually stroll down airplane aisles! It will also easily fit into overhead compartments. Whether your family is jet-setting around the world or just around the city, the Pockit is a perfect addition to your family!

This great stroller is just $249.95 and all 6 awesome colors are now in-stock! Leave a comment below or you can email me at if you have any questions!

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*The Pockit is not a jogging stroller.

Happy Luke!
Happy Luke!
Ultra-Compact Fold
Ultra-Compact Fold









  1. How much is the gb pocket stroller?

  2. The Pockit will retail for $229

  3. Does it come with the carrying bag seen in the image above.

  4. Where can I buy them from?

  5. Is made in China? Where is the region of the company?

  6. I wish they made ones for bigger kids my son is 70 lbs and is severely autistic this would be perfect

  7. Has this been tested? What are the safety ratings?

  8. I wish it had two zippers on the back for a recline, it would be a perfect stroller if it could recline for sleeping little ones.

  9. Do you make a model that can carry two. I have a 1 and a 2 year old.

  10. How much in GB Pounds??

  11. I have a 70 pound special needs daughter with no head control. She needs a recline to help with head control. Would love one that goes for a 70 to 100 pound child.

  12. Hi Carrie – most single strollers do not go that high, but there are some that do. The new Bob joggers will have a 75 lb weight capacity.

  13. Hi Hez – price is not confirmed from GB as of yet.

  14. There is no such product on the market yet for twins.

  15. The Mothercare xss looks incredibly similar to GB’s new Pockit Stroller.

  16. Je veux être le premier français à l’avoir 🙂 pour 180 € 😉

  17. Do you have any other stroller that with have downsized as this product with weight capacity

  18. It looks really good and I was going to get one but my only concern is that it doesn’t recline and is not comfortable for baby or a toddler to sleep with their head down and there neck bend and it also one of the cause of dead in kids because they fall sleep on there car seat and strollers and parents think that they are fine sleeping like that when what is really happening is a lack of oxygen to there little brains having sometime fatal consequences and the safety of my kids is the first thing that I look in a stroller, as a mom you want to child to be comfortable.

    When you do that then I will buy one.


  19. Hi Leilani – I’m not sure what your question is. Can you rephrase?

  20. When and where can i get this?

  21. We will be selling these shortly – make sure to sign up to be added to our notification list

  22. I would like to order..

  23. Hang in there…

  24. I have seen several descriptions of this product that say it can hold a child up to 15 kg or 35 pounds. this is the first review i’ve seen that says it can hold up to 50 lbs. can it safely hold a 50 pound child?

  25. Hi Cindy – because the stroller has not actually arrived in the USA – nothing has been confirmed yet. However, GB has informed us that the weight capacity will likely be 50 lbs, but they can’t promise anything. There is an entirely different set of safety and testing standards in the USA vs in Europe.

  26. Hi I love this and do want one. But one question there is nothing about the comfort or safety of the stroller only a out how small it can fold. Now folding that small BRLLIANT as my pushchair takes up my whole boot and my boot is big so this is perfect BUT as a parent my daughters comfort and safety comes first, is there any more information on the comfort and safety of the stroller?

  27. Hi Belinda, We haven’t been able to test the stroller properly ourselves. You do have a good point. It does seem to us, that the Qbit – GB’s other stroller – is more comfortable and features a significantly better canopy. In addition, the Qbit can hold an infant seat. And the Qbit’s fold is tiny tiny – not as small as the Pockit, but if you want comfort – then the Qbit is the way to go.

  28. Thanks Ellena Ive seen the Orbit and looks good I do still like the idea of the pocket 😊 I am willing to wait until you get it in and test it to get a better idea of which to go for. We have an icandy strawberry and It is reall good for comfort and will not get rid of it if we need one for a long distance. My daughter is 14 months and hates to be in the push chair. Does the orbit have a rain cover and will you be doing one for the pocket. One more question do you sell you products in the UK or would I have to get it directly from the states?

  29. Due to the different safety standards in each country, retailers are strictly forbidden from shipping any strollers to locations outside of the country they are allowed to sell in. And so we will be unable to ship any strollers, including the new Pockit, to you in the UK. However we have thousands of international customers who ship their orders to friends/family/shipping company in the states and have them forward their parcel to them overseas. Currently there is no raincover for the Qbit available, however they may manufacture one soon.

  30. Such a shame that mothercare have snapped this up and rebranded it with their awful logo and given it a vile black leopard print fabric set. I’d love one of these with the original goodbaby colours- any idea where I can get one shipped to uk in lilac green or pink??

  31. Hi LJE – You’d need to reach out to GB in England to find out, as they market them in separate countries in different ways.

  32. What is the difference between the models currently available and the pockit stroller that will be available in the US? I saw 50/55 lbs was the expected limit for the US version coming out but the european one shows 6 mo to 15kg. I would prefer if it the max weight was 50 versus 30ish pounds if I were to purchase this stroller. Please advise. Thanks!

  33. Hi! The models in the USA will be nearly identical to the models currently available in Europe, but will feature a 5 point harness. The weight capacities are the same for both models. European safety regulations restrict the weight capacity to be advertised as 15kg, however it is more.

  34. Can I find the GB Pockit stroller in Europe now? I live in Brazil and will be in Rurope (Dpain and Germany) next May.

  35. I have a baby coming in the way and I’m wondering if you guys have the same product in Canada

  36. Do you have a Double stroller?

  37. does this stroller have handles that extend for taller mothers or fathers?

  38. Does it come with a carrying bag and cup holder?

  39. no

  40. It does not

  41. No

  42. Fantastic buggy took it to spain have a 4yr old with celebral palsy cant walk far so took it on the plane had it soon as we arrived no hanging about waiting on it coming with the luggage. Taxi drivers were impressed as it doesnt take up much room. Rain one day and had no cover which was a problem. 5 stars.

  43. I like to know the difference between the Gb pockit and Mother Care xss stroller. The only things I see different from the videos are that Gb has better colors, extended head support for taller children, you can remove the material to wash it, and wheels are colored different.The Mother care comes with the carry bag which is very convenient and it attaches to the back of the stroller. It has only the leopard color available. Not sure if the material is removable. So far Iam convinced with the Gb pockit stroller. The carry bag is nice but prefer a better colored stroller. I guess I can buy a bag for it. The Gb is offered in the U.S. and the Mother Care is offered in places like Japan, Mexico, Europe, and not in the U.S. Does anyone have some feed back on this? Getting ready to buy mine.

  44. I live in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Do you know where I fan purchase The GB foldable stroller ?

  45. Where can I order a bag for it mine broke as soon as I got it

  46. Hi Crystal – I’m sorry about the delay in responding. Reach out to GB directly and they will be able to assist you.

  47. So which one is better now Qbit or Pockit?

  48. Hi Sam – each stroller has it’s benefits. The Qbit is definitely a more full-featured stroller with a reclining seat and large canopy, but if you’re hooked onto the fact that the Pockit has a tiny fold then you’ll want that one. If the fold isn’t that important to you, I’d recommend the Qbit.

  49. good

  50. I’d love to know what folks do in the rain. Can you throw on a universal cover or are you just in for a wet ride?

  51. Hi Clare – as of yet, there is no official Pockit rain cover.

  52. My son is 42 in and 38 lb and by the time we go to Disney this year he’ll be five will the stroller hold him comfortably since they don’t allow wagons anymore and does it come with the bag

  53. I would say it would fit him comfortably but he probably wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably in the Pockit for much longer. The weight capacity is 55lbs but the stroller itself is on the smaller size.

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