A Full Review on the 2015/2016 UPPAbaby Cruz

2015 Cruz
2015 Cruz

UPPAbaby has become a huge name in the Baby Gear world over the past few years. The totally redesigned 2015 UPPAbaby Cruz is a show-stopper! Weighing in at just under 22 pounds, it is one of the lightest, fully functional strollers available. The easy one-piece fold makes running errands a breeze!

Compact Fold
Compact Fold

The roomy toddler seat is approved for up to 50 pounds and fully reclines facing either direction. It is a small
detail but the upgraded harness is one of my favorite UPPAbaby features. It is so easy to buckle and unbuckle and it never tangles! With wonderful (included) accessories like the bumper bar, rain cover and sun cover, the Cruz is an excellent value.


With the purchase of additional adapters, many popular car seat brands will work with the Cruz so you can create a customized, newborn-safe travel system. Of course, the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat will snap directly onto the Cruz frame with no need for additional adapters. Also – because of the flat recline, the Cruz seat is newborn compatible, however we recommend some sort of infant insert, like the Uppababy SnugSeat insert, for added comfort for your baby!

The UPPAbaby Universal Bassinet is one of the nicest bassinets on the market today. Of course it is approved for overnight sleeping! When you pair it with the Bassinet Stand – it can even double as your newborn’s bassinet or travel bed!

The Cruz is available on PishPoshBaby.Com for only $499.99.

If you have any questions please email me at Lindsey@PishPoshBaby.com or call one of our awesome Baby Gear Experts at 877-747-4767! We’re moms… we get it!



  1. It doesn’t look like the 2015 rumbleseat that comes with the Uppababy Cruz has a “true flat” recline like this article claims. All I see is the tilting that keeps the baby in an L shape like in previous Uppababy models. I hope I’m wrong because this was the one thing keeping me from getting an Uppababy!

  2. You are correct – the post has been updated. The Cruz seat does not lie flat, it tilts back. If you are looking for a similar stroller that features a true-flat recline, we highly recommend the Nuna Mixx stroller.

  3. I am sad because I would like to purchase this but I think I have to go with the city select. I plan on having another baby when this baby is born but we are going to try to get pregnant when my first is between 1 and 2 which will make the baby almost 3 if not 3 by the time we have our second. The rumble seat only fits a child up to 35 lbs and the average 3 year old is 31 lbs. I am leaving a small window of opportunity to use the infant seat and bassinet with the uppababy as those seats can only go in the top harness, so I am left putting my possibly 3 year old in the rumble seat. I am also trying to figure out if the city select has better tires for all terrain than the uppababy as the tires and suspension are different. Any help here would be great!

  4. Hi Melissa – the Cruz stroller does not have the ability to hold a rumbleseat. It’s only a single stroller. You may want to look into the Vista stroller, Uppababy’s convertible stroller – that can accommodate 2 children in seats + 1 on a ride-along board. The City Select is very very similar to the Vista stroller and it’s more affordable, but does not include a bassinet. Both stroller maneuver pretty much the same way.

  5. Hello. I am torn between the Nuna Mixx and the Uppa Cruz. I know they are both very similar. One of my concerns is the smaller wheels on the Cruz. The stroller would be used on paved streets, sidewalks, and some cobblestone. I do not plan on another child in the near future so I am not sure I have a real need for the Vista. Any help/input is appreciated!!

  6. You don’t really need a more durable wheel that those on the Cruz if you will mainly use on flat surfaces.

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