NEW GB Qbit Plus Stroller – Coming in 2016

GB QBit Plus
GB QBit Plus

The GB Qbit made quite a splash this year and for 2016 we’ll be seeing the upgraded GB Qbit+.

The Qbit+ has all the benefits of its little brother the Qbit, with extra premium functions engineered for maximum comfort and convenience. This compact buggy is packed with a list of smart features, including a reclining backrest with a true lie-flat position suitable from birth, a head hugger and bigger wheels all offering comfort and convenience from stage one. It retails for $299.95.

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GB Qbit 2016
GB Qbit 2016

The GB Qbit for 2016 has been upgraded as well, with an adjustable footrest.

Does not include the Belly Bar

Both strollers are now in stock!  Order yours!

Compare the Qbit vs Qbit+ Here!





  1. What is the release date? I was thinking about getting a qbit for the upcoming trip to Japan, but I might have to wait!

  2. We aren’t sure yet…

  3. Any update on release date?

  4. Hi, do you know if it has suspensions and what kind of wheels? Thank you

  5. Does this stroller have a release date yet I would love it for an upcoming trip to the Bahamas

  6. The release date is in may

  7. Wow!!! This Stroller is Small Compact n Great!! ILooVe it… Any chance it will be release in the Asia too, Like Singapore??

  8. Do you know if they’ve increased the length of the seat back on this version? I think the old model was only 17 inches.

  9. I ordered it last Friday from amazon germany. Received it today! I love it! Pink…

  10. Do u know the date in May for the release of the stroller

  11. Any update on this stroller when it will be released in the US?

  12. Any updates? what is the release date in US?

  13. I’m dying to know the release date as well! I have a trip coming up in July, this seems like it would be perfect.

  14. If you are willing to pay shipping, order it from overseas!

  15. Hi Nicole – I’m sorry but we are restricted from sending it to locations overseas because of regulations.

  16. Hi! Id like to order! Have you guys got it yet?

  17. The new Gb Qbit and Qbit Plus are expected to arrive July

  18. What is the seat back measurement?

  19. Hello any idea what’s the length of the seat back and width of the seat? My son is fairly tall so wondering if this awesome stroller would work. 🙂

  20. Hello! What’s the length on the seat? (Back rest? Thanks 🙂

  21. Hi Susana, both the Qbit and Qbit+ measure 23.5″ from the seat to the top of the canopy

  22. The seat back from seat to canopy measures 17.5″ and the seat width is 12″

  23. The seat back from seat to canopy measures 17.5″

  24. Does the 2016 Qbit model recline more than the 2015 model, and if so how much does it recline (I do see that it does not recline flat like the Qbit+)?

  25. Hello where I can buy a belly bar for it?

  26. Hi Ada, as of yet, the Belly Bar is not available as a separate accessory in the USA

  27. Hi. I’m undecided which one to buy MB Nano or Qbit Plus. If you can help me please, which one is more compact when it comes to fold? And can qbit plus go inside the cabin too?

  28. Where can I get the bag for the qbit +?

  29. The Travel Bag is not available yet…

  30. Do you know when it will be?

  31. Hey, so i ordered the GB bit + off of amazon sold by you guys, but my stroller doesn’t stand on its own. Is there a trick to it having it stand on its own? or did i receive a defected one?

  32. Contrary to what GB originally advertised, the GB Qbit+ does not stand on its own when folded

  33. The Qbit+ stroller is a bit more compact when folded and it can fit into the overhead bin of an airplane.

  34. Does anybody who have it can comment about the weight? The yoyo and nano are MUCH lighter, do you feel the weight?

  35. Where can i get the belly bar

  36. The belly bar is not available in the uSA

  37. Does the qbit plus come with the travel bag? If not where do I buy one from?

  38. The QBit Plus does not include a travel bag and there are none available:(

  39. It does not.

  40. How can I get the belly bar ?

  41. The belly bar is not available in the USA yet:(

  42. Hi Ellena,
    I was wondering if anyone has had issues carrying the qbit+ on board an airplane to be stowed in the overhead bin. That’s the only reason I am purchasing the stroller so it’s a very important factor for me.

  43. We sell thousands of Qbit strollers and have never once heard back from a customer that they were not able to bring it on board. It meets all requirements.

  44. Thank you so much Ellena. Also what would you personally recommend between the mountain buggy nano and the qbit+

  45. The Qbit+ has a better fold, but the Nano does have a better push… it’s really your preference. You should try to check them out before you purchase.

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