Introducing the All New Baby Jogger City Tour 2016 – Full Review!

baby-jogger-city-tour-black-silo-angle 1UPDATE: The City Tour is now in stock! Order it here!

Baby Jogger has joined the tiny stroller revolution with an awesome new stroller of their own – the new Baby Jogger City Tour expected this Fall at PishPosh Baby! The City Tour is comparable to the current small-folding strollers including the Gb Qbit and Mountain Buggy Nano, but has some unique features of its own.
6JP00BJA-baby-jogger-city-tour-garnet-folded-silo-angle 1

The City Tour has all the hallmarks of a well-built Baby Jogger stroller, but features a tiny fold that can allow the stroller to fit into the overhead bin of an airplane. Don’t fly much? You’ll love how the City Tour takes up so little room in the trunk of your car or corner of your garage. The City Tour weighs just 14.2 lbs.

6JP00BJA-baby-jogger-city-tour-garnet-canopy-silo-detailI got a chance to push the City Tour myself and the push is seriously so easy and so smooth. I can totally picture myself using the City Tour when I’m out and about with my 3 year old.

Patented quick-fold technology allows you to fold your stroller with just one hand – it is a 2 step fold though. Measures just 22 x 9 x 17.7 and features an auto-lock.

6JP00-baby-jogger-city-tour-stroller-putting-in-bag-dad-primary-1The City Tour is usable from 6 months to 45 lbs. Plus the underseat basket is pretty large and easy to get to and can hold up to a whopping 15 lbs! The seat is quite tall so it will accommodate a toddler quite nicely. The padded five point harness is  simply to use. Included with the City Tour is this awesome storage bag that features shoulder straps so that it can be warn as a backpack.

Our seat reclines to a near flat position with a retractable visor to make sure that your child is comfortable when you are on-the-go.

6JP00BJA-baby-jogger-city-tour-garnet-silo-angle 3

As of yet, there are no plans of the City Tour being car seat compatible:( Available separately are the rain cover, cup holder, and bumper bar!

Price: $199.99

Colors: Onyx, Garnet, Juniper, Violet, Cobalt

Compare the City Tour to the other tiny-folding strollers, such as the GB QBit and Mountain Buggy Nano here!


baby-jogger-city-tour-carry-bag-pocket-silo-detail6JP00BJU-baby-jogger-city-tour-juniper-silo-angle 2 6JP00BJV-baby-jogger-city-tour-violet-silo-angle 2 6JP00CBJ-baby-jogger-city-tour-cobalt-silo-angle 2



  1. how can i place an order?
    I come from Greece (Athens)

  2. We do not ship to locations outside of the usa:(

  3. Do you have the seat back dimensions for this stroller?

  4. Looks great! Wish they would have made the Max. child weight limit at least 50lbs!

  5. Hi Nicole – The seat back measures 17.3″ tall.

  6. Hi, where can we buy it in florida?

  7. Hi Mimi – the City Tour has not been released yet. Once it is, you can order from us and we’ll ship it down to Florida for free.

  8. What would you recommend for a trip to the Uk with a tall toddler, 41inches, 34lbs. She will be almost 4 but we need something for the long days. I am trying to do a side by side of the city mini zip and the city tour based on the fold. Also considering the Gluxe too,

  9. Hi Lisa. We would not recommend the City Zip. The City Tour is a great new stroller that will be released soon. I would definitely recommend a stroller with a single handlebar, not two handles, as it is much easier to push. Have you looked at the City Mini yet? Or the GB QBit?

  10. Hi ELLENA, I am looking around for lightweight stroller that is carry-on certified. I ended up with Yoyo+ vs city tour but I am not sure how big the city tour will be? is the height of the handle is good for 5″1 and 5″6 tall people? one of the biggest problems with yoyo+ is the price and I don’t really to compromise the quality much, what is your recommendations?

  11. Hi Lu! You can see a comparison of the YoYO+ vs the City Tour here on our blog – . To give you a quick rundown, the YoYo+ is a taller stroller than the City Tour and definitely has a smoother push. The seat is also reversible with the 0+ seat pack, which many parents love, and the ability to accomodate a car seat. However, the price is pretty much double of that of the City Tour. If this will be a main stroller for you, then I’d go with the YoYo+. If it will be more of a car stroller, then I’d recommend the City Tour.

  12. Hi Ellena, I am torn between GB Qibt vs Recaro vs BJ City Tour. I would like to use it for travelling. Not particular if it can fit the overhead as i prefer to check it in. Thanks,

  13. Hİ i saw pictures of citytour and it seems there is an extendable footwell. İ think You can push the footarea upside. İ wanted to confirm it with a user. Thank you

  14. Hi, how does this stroller compare to the city mini zip?

  15. Hi Begum – no you cannot.

  16. Baby Jogger does not offer a snack tray at this time

  17. The City Tour has a completely different fold and a superior push.

  18. I’m a huge fan of Baby Jogger. When my twins were born I decided to try Citi Mini GT (double version) and I’m very glad I bought this stroller. It’s very easy to push and navigate, running errands with this stroller is a true pleasure 🙂 When I was expecting twins I was worried that folding double stroller would be a nightmare, but with this stroller is a piece of cake. I has a special folding technology, the best one that every twin mom can dream of 🙂

  19. Thanks for this review, this stroller looks amazing. I am looking for a stroller that can fit into the overhead bin of an airplane with a tight budget! did you already take the plan with it?

  20. You have loads of great options! The City Tour in this post has been discontinued and is on a really great sale! Reach out to us directly to discuss your options. email

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