The Bugaboo Bee5 – Full Review on What’s New!!

product-image_bugaboo-bee5_combo-1OMG! We’re super psyched to show you the brand new, updated Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller! The Bee5 is your favorite luxury lightweight stroller – even better. We saw it in Germany last summer and have been sitting at the edges of our seats since then, awaiting the day when we can share all the details with you about the new Bugaboo Bee5.

What’s new for the 2019 Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller?

The new Bee5 stroller is now completely customizeable from top to bottom. That means that you can now choose the colors of the base, canopy, seat fabric, handlebar grips and even the wheels! No matter what style you love, you’ll be sure to find the combination that suits your best! We saw some seriously cool Bee5 combinations that are striking and beautiful. Mix and match and you can even switch it up later for a completely new look. There are 3 collections – core, premium, and signature – each with their own color line and prices vary depending on which collection you choose one.

product-image_bugaboo-bee5_combo-3The maneuverability of the Bee5 has been improved significantly, with better suspension in the front wheels and dust protection to keep it clean. The seat design has been improved to be more comfortable. There are new integrated attachment points for accessories and new unfold laser markings on the chassis.  Last but not least, you are going to really love the new pocket in under seat basket. It’s a great addition that I’ve wished I had on my Bee3 many many times.

Build your Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller Today!

Designed specifically for parents who live life on the go, the compact, light Bugaboo Bee5 is a smart choice for urban adventurers with a newborn or toddler.

Take city streets in your stride with this maneuverable stroller smooth steering and four-wheel suspension. Your child can enjoy the ride from the comfort of their padded seat. Need to hop into a train or car? The neat one hand, one piece fold makes it easy and takes up less space at home.

Compare the new Bee3 vs Bee5 stroller

How to Build your Bugaboo Bee5 Stroller:

bee5-baseStep 1. Choose your Base

Black or Silver



bee5-canopyStep 2. Choose your Canopy Color

Black, Olive Green, Sky Blue, Soft Pink, Ruby Red, Sunrise Yellow, Grey Melange, Blue Melange, Red Melange, Botanic, Waves




bee5-seatStep 3. Choose your Seat Color

Black, Green Melange, Grey Melange, Blue Melange, Red Melange, Botanic



bee5-gripsStep 4. Choose your Handlebar Grips Color

Black, Cognac, Dark Black



bee5-wheelsStep 5. Choose your Wheel Cover Color

White, Dark Red
bee5-chart bee5-stroller-info

Features of the new Bee5 stroller:

  • Suitable from birth up to 37.5 lbs
  • Light chassis, easy one-hand, one-piece, compact fold
  • Independent four-wheel suspension
  • 6” swivel wheels and 6” rear wheels with durable foam-filled rubber tires
  • Reversible seat, facing parent or facing world
  • Comfortable, padded seat
  • Comfortable faux leather grips (patent pending)
  • Five-point harness with height-adjustable shoulder straps
  • Changeable seat fabric, sun canopy, grips, and wheel caps
  • Attach accessories easily by integrated attachment points
  • All fabrics washable

Q: Will any of the new Bee5 parts fit my Bee3 stroller?

A: The only Bee5 products that will fit the Bee3 are the canopies and bassinets. The Bee5 wheel covers, handlebar grips and seat will NOT fit the Bee3 strollers.

Q: Will all accessories fit onto the new Bee5 stroller?

A: Most accessories are remaining unchanged for the new Bee3, like the car seat adapters and snack tray. However, the older parasols, cup holder, wheeled board and wheel board adapter will NOT fit onto the new Bee5. There are new parasols, a new cup holder, and a new wheeled board that are compatible with ALL Bugaboo strollers now, but will not fit the older Bee3.


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  1. how much is it?

  2. The Bugaboo Bee5 ranges in price from $739.

  3. Hi I’ve just recently bought a bugaboo bee 3 which I am returning asap! Do you know if the cocoon fits on to the new bee 5? And if the universal footmuff fits onto the bee5? Many thanks

  4. Will any of the Bee3 elements fit the Bee5? We already have a bee3 bassinet for example, will that fit the Bee 5 base?

  5. Yes – the Bee3 bassinet will fit the new Bee5 base!

  6. The cocoon and universal footmuff both fit the Bee5 stroller. Give us a call to place your Bee5 order!

  7. will the bugaboo bee 3 canopy fit the bugaboo bee 5?

  8. Hi Anna – it will!

  9. which infant car seat will fit to the bugaboo bee 5?

  10. Hi Karen, there are adapters for the Maxi Cosi/Cybex, Chicco and and Britax car seats. Here is a link to the different adapters. Click Here! You can just click on the adapters to the stroller and then your carseat can just click right on.

  11. I know for the Bugaboo bee3 you can put a car seat on the stroller using the adaptors without removing the stroller seat, is this the case for the bee5 as well?

  12. You do need to remove the stroller seat in order to use it with the car seat.

  13. Should i use bassinet or the cocoon for my newborn? Or i can just directly put my baby without bassinet or coccoon?

  14. I would highly advise you to use either the bassinet or the cocoon. The cocoon is a much cheaper option, but the Bee5 bassinet would be ok for overnight sleeping.

  15. Hello, do the Bee5 handle grips fit on the old bee+?

  16. Hi Laura, unfortunately the Bee5 handle grips will only work on the Bee5 and not any older models.

  17. Will the seat from bugaboo bee 3 fit bugaboo bee 5 frame? I just need to replace the frame

  18. Tin – you would need to check with Bugaboo on this…

  19. Would the BB3 chassi go with the BB5 carrycot? Many thanks

  20. It would.

  21. Thanks for the response! Do you know if the wheels does as well?! Thanks

  22. Wheel does what?

  23. Are seat fabrics for bee3 and bee5 interchangeable?

  24. Will the bee 5 seat base fit on bugaboo bee 3

  25. It wont:(

  26. They are not interchangeable.

  27. I would like to add a bassinet to my bee3 stroller. Do I need to buy bassinet base and fabric set individually ? If I buy the bee5 bassinet, does it include a bassinet and fabric set?

  28. Will the bee 5 seat fabric fit the bee 3?

  29. It will not.

  30. Can you have the bassinet and the seat on at the same time?

  31. Is the old (I think it’s discontinued) Graco car seat adapter compatible with the Bee 5?

  32. You will need to reach out to Bugaboo directly to find this out.

  33. No you cannot. YOu need to remove the seat to use the bassinet

  34. Hy, I read comments and I don’t understand something 🙂 I have bassinet for newborn bee3. Now I plan to buy bee5. Is bassinet compatible with bee5 or I need something else to buy for using my old bassinet on bee5.

  35. Hi Maja – the bassinet is the same from the Bee3 to the Bee5

  36. Perfect, tnx. And the sun canopy from bee5 is also compatible with bassinet bee3?

  37. yes!

  38. I have a bee plus (2012 I think). Just ordered the bee5 and wondering will the parasol and cup holder fit the bee5? Thanks

  39. Hi Emma – it should, but we recommend double-checking this with Bugaboo first.

  40. Hi just wondering if the old maxi cosi adapters will fit into the new bee5?

  41. The car seat adapters from previous model Bee strollers should fit the new Bee5 stroller.

  42. Will a bee 3 cup holder and canopy for on the bee 5?

  43. Yes – they will.

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