NEW Nuna Mixx2 2017 Stroller – Full Review + Photos!

nuna-mixx-2017The Nuna Mixx is one of our most popular all-around strollers for parents who don’t want to compromise on anything. And we’re really excited to introduce to you the Nuna Mixx2 Stroller for 2017! The popular stroller is getting quite a beautiful makeover with some great aesthetic changes.

The new 2017 Mixx2 features a luxe hand-sewn leather-look bellybar and handlebar and arm bar, like the current JETT Special Edition. The chrome black wheels with white accents together with the stately dark matte frame add a striking look to this smart buggy. The new cotton blend fabric is both cleverly chic and comfy for baby.

Compare the Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Mixx2 here

mixx2_caviar_recline_canopy_extended_usThe canopy is twice as nice thanks to the underside’s double quilted stitch work. The front wheels are slightly bigger than the regular Mixx stroller, measuring 7.5″ inches. Basket material is now the same as the canopy instead of mesh.

Otherwise, the stroller remains the same awesome buggy it’s known to be, with great features like a reversible seat with a true-flat recline, incredibly large underseat basket, and a push that is unsurpassed in the market. Included with the stroller are the Pipa car seat adapters and rain cover (that’s a nice bonus!). The bassinet is still only available with the JETT collection.

mixx2_berry_foldThe new Mixx2 will be available in Caviar Black and Berry Red and is expected to ship early February. Price is $599.95.






  1. Is winter 2017 as in Jan 2017 or Dec 2017? Thanks!!

  2. Winter 2017 means Q1 of 2017!

  3. Hi Ellena,

    When will these strollers start shipping?

  4. The Mixx2 strollers will be shipping late February/early March

  5. Hi, l love this stroller!! But have one question. Would maxi cosi fit in this stroller? Is there adaptor to be bought seperately for this to work?

  6. Maxi Cosi car seats will fit onto the Nuna Mixx.

  7. Hi, absolutely love this stroller and I am just wondering if you ship outside of America (to Australia)? I can’t find anywhere in Australia that is selling this new model :(.

  8. We are not allowed to:(

  9. Does the car seat sell apart or same price for both 599

  10. The Nuna Pipa infant seat is sold separately.

  11. Do you Ship to the UK? Can’t find the mixx2 anywhere.

  12. Unfortunately we are not allowed to ship to locations outside of the USA:(

  13. Hi. Will a 2016 pipa work with the Nuna Mixx 2?

  14. Of course! The Nuna Pipa car seat has not changed at all since it was released two years ago.

  15. Hi, it seems like the stroller seat itself is a bit small and might be a bit snug once baby grows a bit. Any thoughts on that? Does it just look that way from pictures? Thanks

  16. Not at all! The Mixx2 seat is actually quite roomy!

  17. Can you recommend some stroller organizers that work well with the Mixx 2?

  18. Will the uppababy mesa fit on the mixx2?

  19. Unfortunately, it won’t work. The Mesa will only work on Uppababy strollers and select Baby Jogger strollers with an adapter.

  20. Hi ,
    I was just wondering if you find the harness system on the Nuna Mixx2 to be an issue? It seems really cumbersome to me to have to put the shoulder straps through the waist straps in order to buckle it all together. I can imagine this being a test of patience with a squirming child!


  21. Hi Ashley – I totally understand what you mean. I just went to try this myself on the Nuna Mixx2 to see how it works. Not necessarily do the shoulder straps’ piece fall off the waist strap each time you unbuckle but it’s a conscious effort to keep them together. It should not deter you from choose the Mixx2.

  22. Does the bassinet can fits for the Nuna Mixx 1 stroller?

    And if I get the Mixx 2, which car seats work with this stroller?

  23. Hi Noa – the Mixx2 bassinet fits onto any model Mixx stroller.

  24. Is Nuna Mixx 2 now available in the UK?

  25. You would have to reach out to your local retailer to find out.

  26. If the Nuna Mixx2 advertised as “a true-flat recline”, why od we need the bassinet? Do we need the bassinet?

  27. Hi Rayn, You can definitely use the actual Mixx2 seat for a newborn because of the true-flat recline. Many parents prefer a proper bassinet, as they will be able to use it for sleeping.

  28. What carseats are compatible with nuna Mixx 2

  29. The Mixx2 works with the Nuna Pipa, Maxi Cosi, and Cybex

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