Mountain Buggy Duet 2017 – Full Review!

The new Mountain Buggy Duet 2017 is here and we’re really excited to share all the details with you about the narrowest side-by-side double stroller to ever hit the market!

What’s new for the 2017 Mountain Buggy Duet?

  • They’ve added a handbrake to the handlebar
  • Improved one-hand fast fold that is more compact
  • The seats are a bit taller to accommodate children up to 4 years of age
  • The added gear tray storage compartments on the underseat basket
  • New Fashions! Grid, Marine, Black and Silver
  • Price is now $729.99

Why do we love the Duet from Mountain Buggy?

I personally owned the 2016 Mountain Buggy Duet and loved it! The stroller measures just 25.5″ wide, which was the same width as my Uppababy Vista. The stroller is really easy to maneuver and push over curbs. The seats lie flat – really flat – and they are newborn compatible with an insert.  500x500_1You can even use your Duet as single stroller with the Joey bag accessory.

Order your Duet today!

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  1. Any updates on when the 2017 stroller will be released? Interested in your review!

  2. Hi Taylor – they don’t know yet, but there will be a new model! Sign up for updates…

  3. It’s coming soooo soon!! I can’t wait to see the upgrades

  4. I have two boys– 3 year old boy who is 39 ” and 37 lbs and 3 month year old who is 14 lbs. I like the idea of the mountain buggy, however I am worried about weight and height limits. Ideally I would like to have this stroller be compatible with my boys for a few years.
    I don’t have the capability to try this out. Would you recommend me this stroller?

  5. Hi Shaza, I would not recommend the Duet for you. Your older toddler will not be comfortable. I would recommend the City Mini GT Double for you, or a convertible stroller that can eventually be used as a single again.

  6. Is this stroller compatible with the Nuna pipa car seat for both seats?

  7. Hi! I have a newborn on the way and a 3 year old that is small for his age. He is about 26lbs. Would this stroller work for him? I almost bought the 2016, but just noticed there is a 2017 now.

  8. The Nuna Pipa car seat has not been officially tested with the Mountain Buggy Duet.

  9. Hi Kelly – the Duet would be a great choice for you. The seats are narrow, but if your 3 year old is small, then he should be ok for another year.

  10. I have a new born and a 2 year old who’s 26 lbs. I have the Nuna pipa car seat, it’s says that it’s compatible with that car seat. Should I get this stroller?

  11. You can definitely get the Duet – it would work perfectly for you.

  12. I have a 3 month old newborn and a 30lb 2 1/2 year old – we’ve been looking for a lightweight jogger that we can use with both of them together. Will this stroller take the uppababy car seat?

  13. Hi Mary, the Mountain Buggy Duet is a great stroller. However, it is not a jogging stroller. I would suggest the Valco Duo X Double Stroller. It is a lightweight jogging stroller that has a full recline so it can work with a newborn. I will tell you that it is not suggested to jog with an infant up to 9 months old.

  14. Hi, Rachel. The Mountain Buggy Duet can be used for jogging; the information on the Mountain Buggy talks of jogging with it. Now, maybe that doesn’t make it a jogging stroller: maybe it’s an “all around” stroller that can be used for jogging, much the way a cross-trainer can be used for running but yet isn’t a running shoe. But either way, it’s key to note that one can indeed jog with the Mountain Buggy Duet. Further, from the eyeball test, I’m not seeing what about it would make it any less suitable for running than the Valco Duo X Double Stroller; to the contrary, its included handbrake (something not present on the Valco Duo X Double Stroller) and suitability for popping curbs (something I’ve read the Valco Duo X Double Stroller isn’t good at) would seem to me to make it more suitable than the Valco Duo X Double Stroller for jogging. But I haven’t ever actually used either stroller (though I do have the prior generation of the Mountain Buggy Duet) so I could be missing something here and if so then I’ll look forward to hearing what that may be from you. Thanks!

  15. Does the new duet have a bassinet/rear facing seat accessory like the previous model?

  16. It is! It’s the same seat.

  17. I have a newborn & a 12 month old. We have a single BOB that we love but it takes up too much space so I wanted something smaller then the double BOB, all terrain & a side by side. Would this be a good option for us? Can I use it for my newborn right away or would I need to purchase a carrycot or car seat adapter? Any improvement with the tires? I have read many reviews stating they lose air quickly.

  18. Hi Megan, THe tires on the Mountain Buggy Duet have not been improved recently. You won’t be able to use the stroller with a newborn right away. Take a look at the new Valco Baby Neo Twin, Bumbleride Indie, and Baby Jogger Summit X3.

  19. I have a 18 month and a 3 month babies. This is suitable for us?
    I’m worried about the tires, which is the problem? They loose air? Is possible to inflate like a bike? Or is necessary to replace them?.
    The cocoon is to use with a new born baby?
    Thank you!

  20. Hi Mariela, The wheels that are included with the Duet are air-filled you will need to pump them up from time to time. We do sell a set of Aerotech tires that you can replace the air-filled ones with. You can purchase a carrycot separately to use with a newborn, but your 18 month old can sit in the seat directly now.

  21. I have a 38” and 29lb just turned 2yo boy and am due with the next in April. I am trying to decide between the Mountain Buggy Duet, Bumbleride Indie Twin, and the City Mini GT double. I have the City Mini GT single right now. I’m worried about how tall my 2yo is and him being able to ride in a stroller for another couple years… Any suggestions?

  22. What’s the difference between the Mountain Buggy Duet Aerotech Double and the Mountain Buggy Duet 3.0?

    Thank you

  23. I don’t know where you see these two models, but I can try to help you. The Mountain Buggy Duet 3.0 includes the air tires, while the Aerotech wheels are puncture-proof, but that model may not be the newest one.

  24. Will the new model work with the older carseat adaptors and basinetts?

  25. You will have to reach out to Mountain Buggy about that.

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