Compare the Bugaboo Bee3 vs Bee5 2017 Strollers!

The new Bugaboo Bee5 stroller is one of the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen, literally. There are a whole bunch of upgrades to the stroller and we’re having a lot of inquiries as to how the Bee5 compares to the older Bee3 stroller, so we’ve decided to simplify the details with one of our awesome comparison charts below:

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Bee3 Bee5
Handlebar Foam Vegan Leather
Suspension Good Even Better
Pocket in Underseat Basket x
Integrated attachment points for accessories x
Color Combinations 64  790
Seat One piece Two pieces – Even more comfortable
Wheel Color Choices White White or Red
Back of Seat bee3-back bee5-back
Price   $719+  $739+




  1. Hello Ellena, thanks for the video! we were just wondering from the size perspective, anything major changes? also weights? we live in the big city, weight has always been a key factor, thanks!!

  2. Hi Zheng – the new Bee5 weighs a bit more but it pushes smoother.

  3. Is it same height as the bee 3

  4. It is!

  5. Can I use the canopy for bugaboo 5 on bugaboo plus?

  6. Yes!

  7. Thanks Ellena.

  8. Will a bee3 bassinet work for the bee5? Thanks!

  9. Hi Sarah, Yes, the Bee3 Bassinet will work for the Bee5 as well.

  10. Is the bee5 seat narrower compare to bee3?

  11. Hi, will the andy warhol cover of the bee 3 work for the bee 5?

  12. It will!

  13. Not that we know of

  14. Will the bee plus sun canopy fit the bee5 stroller?

  15. Hi Katie, unfortunately the Bee+ canopies can’t fit on the Bee5.

  16. Will the compact travel case of the Bee 3 fit the Bee 5 as well?

  17. Yes

  18. Do you need to remove the seat and canopy on the bee 5 in order to put on car seat adapters and car seat? Or can you jus put the adapter and car seat on top of the seat and canopy like with the bee 3?

  19. You need to remove the seat + canopy to use the car seat adapters with the Bee5 frame.

  20. Would a bee plus seat cover fit the bee 5?

  21. Will the bee5 breezy fit on the bee+?

  22. Yes

  23. No

  24. Whats the difference with the bee3 and bee5 bassinets?

  25. Hi
    will the bee 5 carrycot and any other accessories fit the bee3?

  26. Yes!

  27. Just the colors. Compatability is exaclty the same.

  28. Hi. Will the current bassinet carry cot fit on the bee + (2010 model)?

  29. No.

  30. Will the seat from bugaboo bee3 fit on bee5? I just need to replace frame

  31. No. Reach out to Bugaboo directly and they will be able to help you.

  32. can you use the bee 5 wheels on a bee 3 stroller?

  33. Will the bee 3 breezy canopy fit on the bee 5?

  34. No

  35. Can you use a bugaboo bee5 canopy on a bugaboo bee3?

  36. Yes.

  37. Would bee 5 seat fabrics fit a bee plus? I love the botanic fabric

  38. They won’t… You can use the new Botanic Canopy on your Bee+.

  39. Hi Andrea, yes, the Bugaboo Bee3 Breezy Sun Canopy should fit on the Bugaboo Bee5.

  40. Will a bee plus canopy fit on a bee 5?

  41. Hi! Will a bee3 canopy fit on a bee5?

  42. Hi Wendy, the Bugaboo Bee+ canopy will not work with the Bee5.

  43. Hi Megan, yes the Bugaboo Bee3 canopy will fit on the Bubaboo Bee5. All older Bee canopies will not work.

  44. May I know if the bee5 breezy sun canopy fit a bee3? Thanks.

  45. It does!

  46. Thank you!

  47. Hi, what’s the difference between the cocoon for the bee5 and bee3?

  48. They are the same thing.

  49. Hi will the bee5 seat fabric fit on bee+

  50. Hi Nicole, Unfortunately, the Bugaboo Bee5 seat fabric will not fit on the Bee+ stroller.

  51. Hello just wondering if the bee 5 footmuff /cocoon fit onto the bee plus 2010 thanks

  52. It should, but we recommend calling Bugaboo to double-check this.

  53. hello does the cupholder on the bee3 fit on the bee 5?

  54. Hi does the bee 5 seat cover for a bee 3? Thanks!

  55. Wondering if the wheel caps of the Bee5 will fit on the Bee3 wheel caps. Wanted to customize with the red ones….

  56. Also, does anyone know if the leather handle bars will fit into the handlebars of the bee3

  57. THey should – but you will need to double-check this with Bugaboo.

  58. They won’t:(

  59. It wont fit.

  60. It does

  61. Will the bugaboo bee3 seat fit on a bee plus chassis?

  62. It won’t fit.

  63. Hi would a bee 3 footmuff/breezy hood/ normal good fit on a bee 5 ?

  64. It will fit!

  65. Does the Bugaboo bee 3 cocoon fit on the Bugaboo bee 5?

  66. It will!

  67. Hi Ellena, does the bugaboo bee 3 canopy fit on the carrycot?

  68. It should,

  69. Hi, will a cocoon from the bee+ fit in the new bee5?

  70. It will.

  71. Does the bee5 carrycot fit bee3

  72. It will fit!

  73. Hi does the maxi-cosi adapter for bugaboo bee 3 work on bugaboo bee 5?

  74. It will!

  75. Hi Ellena! I am wondering if the seat fabric from a Bee3 will fit on my Bee5? Also the canopy fabric? Someone told me it won’t fit correctly due to different number of buttons – is this true? Thank you!

  76. Only the canopy from a Bee3 will fit the Bee5 – not the seat fabric.

  77. Hi. Will the bee 5 seat fabric fit on bee plus 2012

  78. Hi, are there any differences between the Bee3 and Bee5 carrycot base?

  79. It won’t.

  80. There is not.

  81. Hi will bee3 carrycot for bee5 buggy? Thanks

  82. Hi! Will any of the Bee5 or Bee3 accessories fit the Bee Plus?

  83. Yes – it depends which ones…

  84. Yes.

  85. Can I use my bee 3 front wheels on my bee 5? Can I use my bee 3 seatwear on the bee 5?

  86. No. None of those parts from the Bee3 will fit the Bee5. The only part that would is the canopy.

  87. Hi there.
    Will the leather grips from the Bee5 fit onto the Bee3 (cutting the foam ones off)?

  88. Officially they are not compatible.

  89. Hiya can I buy the bee 5 fabrics for my bee 3 will they fit? Thanks

  90. Just the Bee5 sun canopy will fit onto the Bee3 stroller.

  91. Hi Rachel/ Ellena – is this a big pain (to remove the seat + canopy to use car seat adaptor?). Just trying to decide between the bee3 and bee5 and if its a faff to add car seat adaptor every time i may just stick to the bee 3 (first time mum here, hence the lack of knowledge!) x

  92. Hi Birdy – it’s actually really really easy to use your Bugaboo Bee stroller base with a car seat. The adapters can stay on when you fold your stroller

  93. Just wondering if the baskets are different on the bee 3 vs 5 and if they are interchangeable? Thankyou

  94. Can you use bugaboo 5 canopies on the bee3? Just cant buy bee3 anymore at shops

  95. You can use the newer Bee5 canopies on the Bee3 stroller.

  96. You would need to call Bugaboo to find this out.

  97. Hello! Can you use a bee5 sun canopy on the bee+?

  98. Yes

  99. Hi there,
    Will a bee5 seat fabric fit a bee3 pram?
    Also, if I bought a bee5 canopy will it fit the bee3?
    Thanks so much

  100. The Bee5 seat fabric won’t fit a Bee3. The Bee5 canopy will.

  101. Hi 🙂

    will bee5 new wheel assy fit on bee3?
    I want to replace them if it fits.


  102. The Bee5 grips and wheels will not work on the Bee3 stroller.

  103. It fits! I‘ve done the same but with a seat of bee+ on a bee 5 frame

  104. There’s a lot of false information here for one the bee 5 seat fabric does fit the bee plus seat as I have it on mine

  105. Hi will the bee5 basket fit onto bee 3 chassis?

  106. Hi, Do you have the bee 5 seat foam and then bee 5 seat fabric on or just the seat fabric on bee plus seat fabric? Just wondering if I need both?