Compare the City Select LUX vs the City Select

The new Baby Jogger City Select LUX will be out this spring and we’re fielding loads of questions on how the new City Select LUX compares to the current City Select stroller. We’ve broken down the differences below – compare them!


  Baby Jogger City Select Baby Jogger City Select LUX
Modes of Use 16 configurations
20 configurations
Folded Dimensions 45.5” x 25.75” x 12.5” 31″L x 24.5″W x 12″H
Easier to carry Manual Lock
Auto lock (easier to access crossbar)
Easier to control Hand operated parking brake New hand braking system for better downhill control that doubles as parking brake
Suspension Front Wheel Suspension Improved front wheel suspension

Added Rear wheel suspension

Seat One piece Two pieces – Even more comfortable
Fabrics Standard fabrics Upgraded Fabrics
Price $529 $629 – $649

You can preorder your City Select Lux now! Shipping ETA is Late May.

The second seat for the City Select LUX will be easier to attach to the frame as well. Read the full review of the City Select LUX on our blog!



  1. So disappointed that Baby Jogger isn’t going to release the LUX until June now rather than the “Spring.” (They answered a FB question on their FB site.) My second child is due March 31 and I wanted the LUX as my double stroller ASAP.

  2. Hi Connie, as per our rep, the release date is going to be in May. We have been checking in with them on a weekly basis and I will double-check with them again. Bummer that you won’t have it on time.

  3. I may have missed this information but I’m wondering if the new City Select Lux will still be compatible with the Graco Click Connect 35 car seat? We already have the car seat and we’re planning on purchasing the City Select stroller however might wait for this new one to be released. As well, any idea if the release date of May is applicable in Canada too??

  4. Hi Heather – you will need to contact your local Canadian Baby Jogger retailer to ask them about release dates, as they usually differ from the USA.

  5. Can the original stroller seat be placed on the bottom? Or only the added seat works?

  6. The main seat can be used on the bottom position as well with the second seat adapter brackets.

  7. Can the bassinet on the new Lux be used for overnight sleep?

  8. Hi! Will it be available in Belgium?

  9. You will need to check with your local Baby Jogger retailer

  10. Hi Miriam – the bassinet kit converts your seat into a bassinet and cannot be used for overnight sleeping. The Deluxe Bassinet can be

  11. I cant find any samples of the Lux in Massachusettts stores. It would help before a preorder.

  12. Can the city select LUX seat be used on the regular city select?

  13. It is not recommended.

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