IMG_3197When I had my third girl, I was lucky enough to be gifted both the Dockatot Deluxe and the Pello Pillow. I was curious myself as to how they compare, so after spending quite some time using both for my newborn, I finally discovered the differences between two of the most popular baby loungers and am ready to share with you my findings on them both.

The Dockatot exploded in popularity last year, taking the top place as PishPosh Baby’s #1 selling baby product of 2016. Parent after parent is splurging on these mats and one by one, they’ve joined the “Can’t live without the Dockatot” cult. I personally was wary as to why this pillow worked with newborns and how thousands of babies worldwide were now able to sleep straight hours through the night with the Dockatot.

vsUntil I got one. Wow! That’s all I can say. My baby loves it and I think I love it more. She sleeps in it pretty much straight through the night, right next to me in my bed (user discretion is advised). I have a spare cover so that when it gets dirty, I can swap the covers and wash the dirty one. I really only use my Dockatot for nighttime. My three month old fills up her Dockatot Deluxe already, but I should be able to get a few more months on it.
And then a month ago I got the Pello. It’s the most adorable pillow like ever! From the minute I received the Pello in the mail (in really nice packaging btw:), my two older girls, ages 4 and 2, were fighting over it. It’s a really great option for chill time because it’s really comfortable and padded, and the shape is perfect. The fabric and stitching is of the highest quality and it definitely shows. The sewn-on handles make it easy to move around.

So how would I compare the Pello vs the Dockatot?

vs2Answer is – I don’t! I look at them as two different pillows, each meant for two different times. The Dockatot works well for sleeping time, while the Pello works better for chill time. The Dockatot Deluxe is small and cozy for infants, which I love, but that means that she will be outgrowing it soon. Most people only get a few months of use out of the Deluxe and then it’s time for the Grand size (another $200+….)

The Pello is more of an open design, not as cozy but really comfortable and usable for many many years. I use it for daytime and tummytime. The cover is not removable, but the entire pillow is washable.

I can’t imagine how I’d live without either one of these pillows at this point! I’m really grateful to those who gifted them to me and I highly recommend both of these pillows, each for different purposes.

Questions? Just comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out!