Compare the Nuna Mixx vs Nuna Mixx2 2017 Strollers

Nuna upped their game in 2017, by improving their popular Mixx stroller into the new Nuna Mixx2 2017. You can read the full review of what’s new here. 

Compare the old Nuna Mixx vs the new Nuna Mixx2 2017 Strollers below.


  Nuna Mixx
Nuna Mixx2 2017
Weight 25 lbs
29.9 lbs
Wheel Size 7″/11″ 7.5″/11″
Wheel Colors Silver Inside
All Black with White Lining
Leather Handlebar and Belly Bar x
Frame Silver All Black
Fabrics Certified Oeko-Tex® fabric Cotton Blend – Melange
Canopy Lining  Smooth Quilted
Covered  499.95 599.95
Back of Seat  mixx 2017 mixx vs mixx2
Price 499.95 599.95


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  1. Thank you for comparison! I’m debating which one to get… Do you think it’s worth $100 more for mixx2? Is mixx2 smoother to push? Also I noticed that it’s 5lbs heavier for mixx2. Can you feel the difference?

  2. Hi! The Mixx2 is a bit heavier because of the updated handlebar and bellybar and you do feel it when you lift the stroller, however the maneuverability has been improved significantly on the new Mixx2 so it is easier to push. The new Mixx2 really looks much nicer than the original Mixx stroller.

  3. The Mixx stroller has bad reviews on the wheels squeaking, does the Mixx 2 have the same issue?

  4. Hi, There was a batch of the Nuna Mixx that had squeaky wheels. At that point, Nuna gave all their customers new wheels. There should not be this issue with the Nuna Mixx2.

  5. Which color is the nuna mixx2 in your comparison pictures?

  6. The Nuna Mixx2 in the comparison chart is the Berry color.

  7. Does the bassinet from the MIXX fit also on the mixx2? What about the MIXX cup holder? Does it also fit mixx2?

  8. There is only one Mixx bassinet and it fits on both the Mixx and Mixx2. All accessories from the Mixx fit the Mixx2 as well.

  9. My friend gave me her bassinet and it’s not fitting into my mixx2 stroller. Did she forget to give me an attachment piece or something? I can’t figure it out

  10. What bassinet did she give you?

  11. Can I replace my lost Mixx rain cover with a Mixx2 raincover? Thanks.

  12. Hi Doug. Good question – we recommend reaching to the Nuna directly to confirm that it will fit. In addition, they are the only ones you will be able to purchase a replacement raincover from.

  13. Will my Nuna PIPA Lite car seat fit on the mixx?

  14. Dear Ellena, does the Pippa infant car seat suit Mixx? i am considering a second-hand mixx or a new Tavo…

  15. Hi Yvonne – the Nuna Pipa works perfectly with the Mixx strollers! When you do purchase a Mixx or Tavo second-hand, make sure that it includes the car seat adapters that come with the strollers.

  16. Hi Yvonne – the Nuna Pipa works perfectly with the Mixx strollers! The adapters are included.

  17. Hi. Im sorry if it’s out of topic. Is there any different between mixx 2 and suited collection? Is it suited collection is part of mixx 2?

  18. There isn’t a difference at all with the actual functionality of the Suited collection and the Mixx2. Just cosmetic differences.

  19. Hello There,
    Is there a picture of the bassinet somewhere? Also does any of the two models come with a piggy back ride board that attaches for older siblings to stand and ride?

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