NEW Kioma Infant Car Seat – Full Review on the Revolutionary Seat!!

kioma4 It’s not every day that we see products like these – meet the new Kioma Infant Car Seat!

Let me begin this by saying that although this car seat is not for everyone, or even a majority of everyone, it’s definitely something that will blow any parent’s mind.

The Kioma car seat is the safest, strongest, and lightest infant car seat ever, and it just so happens to be gorgeous too!

They’ve reimagined what an infant car seat can be, using aerospace carbon fiber to make a featherlight seat weighing just 5.5 lbs and holds an infant up to 18 months old!kioma3

The Kioma is also the first and only infant car seat to provide an integrated roll bar which protects against injuries from drops, falls, and vehicle collisions. There are NO moving parts on the seat at all. The next-generation EPE foam also excels in protecting against impact.

It is easy to carry with it’s balanced handle. Super sleek exterior. The removable, water-resistant upholstery and a smooth interior mean that it’s really easy to clean and no debris sollects.

I know what you are thinking – is the Kioma comfortable for my baby? No reason to think otherwise! The fully cushioned interior keeps the baby cool and comfortable, and the curved bottom makes it easy to rock a baby to sleep.

Price point is premium at $1000-$2500 (did we mention that it isn’t for everyone? 🙂 and it’s expected to arrive September 2017!

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  1. Wow! This infant car seat looks like something out of the future!
    Although the pricing is a little steep, it’s to be expected for something like this.
    A lightweight yet durable infant seat which uses aerospace carbon fibre?
    That is definitely something premium and unique.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Once it hits the market, Dubai and Berkin bag users will be fighting for these.

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