bugaboo-atelier-collectionThe new Bugaboo Atelier Collection is a beautiful, sleek collection that will suit parents everywhere. With the bold contrasting details of the light fabric and faux leather details, the Atelier Cameleon3 and Atelier Bugaboo special edition strollers are eye-catching and bold. The unique look for the Atelier is the all-black base, light melange fabrics and faux leather trim and details.

The Atelier Collection showcases the craftsmanship of the Bugaboo design team which has been producing fashion-forward strollers for the last 15 years. Each detail is so thought-out and every element has been carefully considered to create a statement piece.


Bugaboo Cameleon3 Atelier

As a finishing touch, the Atelier Collection strollers feature a hand-stitched faux leather handle bar and carry handle (as on all 2017 strollers). The matching Bugaboo Universal Footmuff is extra padded and coordinates beautifully with the new collection and can be used on any Bugaboo stroller. The strollers also include a bonus matching seat inlay to add comfort and protect your stroller even more.

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Atelier SpecialΒ EditionΒ is the classic iconic Cameleon, which is beloved world-wide. Its lightweight, compact design makes it a perfect stroller. The reversible seat that reclines and great suspension means a smooth ride for your little one.

PI bgb c3 seat_footmuff_atelier collectionThe Bugaboo Buffalo Atelier SpecialΒ Edition sports all of the tough features you find on the classic Buffalo stroller from Bugaboo. The one-piece fold and large wheels are the unique features for the Buffalo that make it the perfect all-terrain choice.

ETA: September



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PI bgb footmuff atelier collection

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