Compare our top Double Strollers for 2018!

When you have your second, you need a good double stroller. There are some awesome strollers that are great choices for when you are out and about with two. We’ve chosen our top six and compared them below so that you can see how they compare more in detail.

         Bugaboo Donkey Twin 2017 Complete Stroller w All Black Base  
Mountain Buggy Duet Baby Monsters Easy Twin Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Valco Baby Neo Twin Bugaboo Donkey Twin Bumbleride Indie Twin
Dimensions L”xW”xH” 44.8″L x 25.5″ W 36″L x 25″W  x 35-42.5″ H 44” L x 29.75” W x 30”-43.5” H 29.5″ L x 29.5″ W x 28.5″-41″ 32” L x 29” W x 33-42” H 36”L x 30”W x 26.5-45.5” H
Folded Dimensions 35″  x 25″  x 12.5″ 34″ x 11″ x 25.5″ 12.5″ x 29.75″ x 31″ 29.5″ L x 27″ x 18″ 34.3″ x 23.6″ x 15.7″ 32.5” x 30” x 13.5”
Weight 32.4 lbs 30.5 lbs 32.5 lbs 27 lbs 33 lbs 36 lbs
Weight Capacity 79 lbs 79 lbs 100 lbs 90 lbs 75 lbs 90 lbs
Recline Multi-position, flat Multi-position, flat Multi-position, flat Multi-position, flat 3 position Multi-position, flat
Wheel Size 10″ 7″/10″ 8.5″ 8″/9″ 10″/12″ 12″
Wheel Type Air-filled tires Silicone Forever-Air Air Tires  Air Tires  Air Tires
Head Height 25.1″ 24″ 26″ 28″  22″  23″
Included Accessories Seat Liners
Belly Bar
Rain Cover
Belly BarSeat Liners
x Individual Belly Bars
Seat Liners
Rain covers
Side luggage basket
2 belly bars
2 bassinet fabrics
2 belly bars
Canopy 2-Paneled + Visor 3 Panels 3 Panels 3 Panels 3 Panels 2 Panels
Convertible to One x x x x
Adjustable Handlebar ✓ Pivot ✓ Pivot ✓ Pivot ✓ Pivot ✓ Telescoping ✓ Pivot
Suspension  Rear-Wheel 4 Wheel Front Wheel  x  x  4 wheel
Reversible seat x x x x x
Bassinet Available x ✓ (included)
Price $729.99 $679.99 $579.99 $649.00 $1,885.00 $739.00

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  1. I am looking for something to hold a 2 yr old, infant and I like the board attachments on some strollers for my 4 yr old. I don’t know if a side by side or stacked stroller would be better? Also I jog a lot but am not sure I will have all 3 with me when jogging. I love and can still use my bumbleride indie jogging for 1, but may sometimes need to jog with 2? However jogging with 2 may not be as important as getting around with 2 or 3 more conveniently. I’ve been looking at the bumbleride twin as well as the Uppababy vista. Or maybe there is an even better option? Any helping thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Hi Carrie – I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and an infant and own the City Mini GT Double. The glider board attachment works well, but is not perfect. My 4 year old cannot stand on the board for too long. If you want a stroller for jogging, then go with the Bumbleride Indie Twin. If you want a great all-around stroller that is very versatile, then you’d love the Vista

  3. Hi. I am debating between the citi mini gt double and the valco baby neontwin, for my toddler and infant. My main priorities in a double stroller is ease of use (fold/unfold, etc.) durability/quality and maneuverablity on harder terrains. Hoping you can advise. Thanks!

  4. Hi–I am between the Mountain Buggy and the Valco–I already have a Bugaboo Donkey and need a double stroller that is:

    Folds easily
    Good for travel
    accomodated Newborn and 2+ –and will GROW with them

    What would you suggest between the Mountain Buggy vs. Valco Neo Twin vs. Thule Urban Glide?

    Thank you!

  5. The Mountain Buggy Duet is good for around the City, but not very good for travel as it does not fold up easily and is not easy to transport that way. I would go with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (I own and love it:) or the Valco.

  6. Both of those strollers are really similar, but there are slight differences. The Neo Twin folds with the fabrics inwards, while the City Mini GT Double folds with them outwards. The Neo Twin has a larger underseat basket, nicer fabrics, and includes individual bumper bars. The City Mini GT Double has a lifetime warranty on the frame, taller seat height, and you won’t need to fold the tires on it.

  7. What is head height?

  8. Of what?

  9. Hi i’m debating between the city mini GT and the valco neo twin. which one is the better stroller?

  10. Both are great strollers, but there are some differences. If you live near a baby store, we recommend going in to testdrive them yourself. To sum it up – the Neo Twin is lighter, but the City Mini GT Double is sturdier.

  11. I am debating between the Valco Neo Twin, Peg Perego Book, and Citi Mini GT. How do they compare? I do not live near a store. 🙁

  12. Hi Chana, your best bet is to try to get to a store to check them all out. I’ve never personally tried the Peg Perego Book so I can’t give you personal advice. I own the City Mini GT Double and LOVE it. The Neo Twin is more lightweight and features air tires.

  13. hi
    do you know if the mychild easy twin in the uk is the same as the baby monster easy twin in the us?
    it looks extremely similar to me but I cant find anywhere that it is the same just with different marketing…
    thank you

  14. We can’t promise that it is the same, but we believe it is.

  15. HI im debating between a baby monster easy twin or a mountain buggy nano duo for a newborn and 2 year old. My first priority is that the stroller should wheel easily as i do alot of walking. Secondly im looking for a sleek easy to fold stroller, whats recommended?

  16. The Nano Duo folds much much smaller than the Easy Twin.

  17. Is there a difference between the Mountain Buggy Duet and the Mountain Buggy Duet V3?

  18. Are you asking what the difference between Mountain Buggy’s first version of the Duet and the v3?

  19. I know I’m late to the party, but I am getting mixed reviews on the City Mini GT double… Is there an adapter for the Chicco Keyfit carseat?

  20. I’d love some advice!
    I am pregnant with my second boy. My first is 2 years old. When my second son is born my first will be 2.5. He’s a tall toddler and outgrew our city select. There is SO much about the city Select I was not in love with.

    I’d really want one that is great for taller toddlers.
    Easy to push and move around/user friendly.
    All terrain and will adapt with a Cybex Aton.

  21. Hi Christina, We most definitely can help you. There are so many great options for you – do you want inline or side-by-side?

  22. This is helpful becaue I am also considering between these two. You say the Mountain Buggy folds smaller than the baby monster. But does it fold as easily?

  23. They are both quite similar. Come by to check them out in person.

  24. Hi!
    I’m debating between the mountain buggy duet and the baby monsters easy twin. The most important things for me in a stroller are width and maneuverability. which one would you suggest?

  25. Hi Maytal. Both strollers are the same width. The Duet features aeromax tires vs the Easy Twin has EVA wheels.

  26. Hi! Debating between the mountain buggy duet v3 & Valco Trimode Duo X. pregnant with my fourth. my 3rd will be 18 months when the baby is born. I like that the Valco holds heavier weight & seems to have wider seats. Do you know which has a larger underneath basket (mountain buggy doesn’t have a middle bar separating the basket). I would love to hear suggestions regarding these 2 thanks

  27. Hi Ariana, I would be happy to help you out. The TriMode Duo X is a much larger stroller and can accomodate a third seat in front. The Duet is much narrower with narrow seats. Both underseat baskets are fairly similar.

  28. I’m expecting twins and my daughter will be 2.5 yo. Looking for a double stroller that attaches two car seats (doesn’t matter what brand) and has a roller board option. Also something easy to maneuver and get in/out of a care. I’m between bugaboo donkey twin and bumbleride indie twin. What do you suggest or is there a better option?

  29. Both of those are great options! The Donkey is super cool, but it can be tough to go in and out of the car. i highly recommend the Indie Twin or Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend.

  30. I’m debating between the Indie Twin, Valco Trend duo or Valco tri duo. I will have a tall 2.5 year old and a newborn. Not planning to jog but I do a lot of walking and want something that maneuvers well. What do you recommend? Thank you!

  31. Hello! Looking for help with a side by side for our two boys. We use our stroller at home every day, on rough terrain (grass, rocks, hills) but I also want something to get in and out of the car easily. Between the BRIT and the MBduet or possibly the CMGT2 as the air tires make me nervous on the first two! What would be your pick? We unfortunately do not have any stores within hours to see them.

  32. I would recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 for your need. From all double strollers, it has the easiest push, despite it being on the heavier side.

  33. What’s the difference between the mountain buggy and the baby monster?

  34. Do you recommend the bugaboo donkey 2 or gt mini for a 2.5 year and newborn?

    Or do you recommend a stack stroller like the vista?

  35. It depends on your wants and needs, these two strollers are very different. The Donkey2 is great for twins if you have the space, The Donkey is a big even for a double stroller so space is very important! If you walk in the city I wouldn’t suggest for the size again but it’s a good option if you have plenty of space. The GT has a very easy fold so it’s very travel friendly as for the Vista, it’s a great option but the stroller does get heavy when carrying two children so that is something to take into count

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