pockit-air-all-terrain-stroller-5First came the revolutionary Pockit, then the upgraded Pockit+. And now meet the new GB Pockit Air Stroller!

Based off the wild success of the original stroller, the new Pockit Air is a more breathable version of the tiny folding stroller. It will feature the same canopy as the original Pockit.

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The Pockit Air All-Terrain is an absolute travel essential, providing total convenience without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you’re on holidays, exploring the latest urban hotspot, or simply on the move, the Pockit Air All-Terrain is perfectly in tune with the needs of modern parents.

The double wheels of the Pockit Air All-Terrain were cleverly designed to allow parents to confidently manoeuvre on different surfaces throughout their day. Boasting breathable mesh fabric, your child will keep cool even on the hottest days, while a super lightweight design makes strolling an absolute breeze.

And for when it’s time to fly, the unique ultra-compact folding mechanism reduces the stroller to a size that is airplane hand luggage compliant—making it perfect for exploring new places, near or far.