Compare the Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seats

Maxi Cosi has introduced a new car seat to their lineup – meet the Maxi Cosi Mico Max Plus car seat. How does it compare against the other two amazing Maxi Cosi seats?

Mico 30 Mico Max 30 Mico Max Plus
Side Impact Protection Yes AirProtect Best in Class AirProtect Best in Class
Weight Range 5-30 lbs 5-30 lbs 4-30 lbs
Anti-Rotation Load Leg x x
Rebound Bar x x
Canopy Coverage Large w flip-out visor X-Large w flip-out visor MaxShade full coverage zip-out extension
Infant Support Cozi-Dozi head pillow Cozi-Dozi head pillow + tiny newborn insert Ultra-Plush Cozi-Dozi head pillow + full-body pillow
Comfortable Carry Carry Curve handle Carry Curve handle Carry Curve handle with grip
Weight 8 lbs 8 lbs 8 lbs
Self-wicking, washable fabric
Flip-forward buckle x x
Price $199.99 $249.99 $299.99


  1. Love the review. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a comparison between the Mico Max 30 (which I had with my last daughter) and the new Plus model. I wish you had also included the deminisions of the seat with base. As a mother getting ready for multiples, both weigh and size are important features to consider when purchasing!

  2. We don’t have the information on the specs available yet – size is really important.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I had a hard time finding any comparison on the max 30 and max plus. I am also having a hard time finding out if the Max Plus is compatible with the baby jogger city select lux? All of the material I find doesn’t list the Max Plus but wasn’t sure if the material just hasn’t been updated?

  4. Do you know if a plus base is able to be used with a max seat?

  5. HI Savanna. You would need to check that with Maxi Cosi

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