9ce0d61f25d44265cd577041817805a7Yup – it’s a dream come true! Cybex has finally taken the lead in creating a stroller that pushes itself! Well… almost:) The CYBEX E Priam stroller is a completely new deep-walking stroller , whose rear axle is powered by electric motors. This solution helps parents during the climbs on steep slopes or when driving off of them. The electronic control system adjusts the power of the motors accordingly to relieve the parent.

The CYBEX e-PRIAM ensures that pushing a stroller up- or downhill will be a walk in the park, even if the stroller is fully packed with all necessary things parents and children need while shopping, sightseeing or just being on the go.  Especially pushing uphill can be very tedious, because not only the pram has weight, but also the child and possible purchases or utensils. The ePRIAM is very practical, because it behaves similar to an eBike and supports you when riding uphill. When you let go of the handlebar, the stroller stops on its own!

The new E Priam combines the most fashionable design and functionality . The Priam frame is compatible with CYBEX infant car seats , making it the perfect travel system.

Once charged, the electic motor lasts for a whole 8 hours of pushing. The motor is expected to be compatible with all models of the Priam stroller. The motor does weigh a few lbs, so it’ll add to the weight of the stroller, but with the self-pushing system – who really cares?!

Coming soon…