WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 12.48.59 PMWe’re been waiting for years for the Cybex Sirona S car seat to arrive to the USA and we’re thrilled to see that it will be arriving Fall 2019!

This is the only car seat on the market and reclines and reverses with just one hand, in the base. This allows you to load and buckle in your child and take them out easily. It also allows you more room to pass by the car seat, as you can rotate it.

The Sirona S Sensorsafe is packed with every safety feature you want in a convertible car seat. You actually install the car seat through the BASE so you don’t need to reinstall it when you turn the child around. You will also find the same linear side impact protection as are on all Cybex car seats. The included Sensorsafe clip adds extra peace of mind, by alerting you when your child is still buckled in, is too hot or cold, etc.

This is also the very first convertible car seat with a Load Leg!

ETA: Fall 2019!

Price: $499

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