side_angle_right_jet_1000x1000_1e2b2978-7644-4a1f-8d78-25e129d153fc_1400x1400When we saw the new Wayb Pico car seat, we were simply stunned – it’s such a cool product and ingeniously engineered, that we’re banking on it quickly becoming a top pick.

What is the Wayb Pico?

The Wayb Pico is a super compact, foldable booster car seat. It is designed to hold children from 22 to 50 lbs. Child must be a minimum of 1 year of age to sit in the Pico and they recommend the seat for ages 2 and above.

side_folded_jet_1000x1000_10687a6f-b4d1-40c8-9e53-01bdb7d4c1f2_1400x1400The Wayb Pico is the most ideal booster seat for those who travel a lot. The Pico FOLDS UP when not in use and weighs just 8 lbs! This is insanely lightweight for a car seat that is made of super strong aerospace-grade aluminum. Because it is so narrow, you can even fit three across in most vehicles. The car seat installs with LATCH anchors for the safest and easiest installation. The adjustable headrest means that your child will be comfortable as he grows. The Fabric Pads are made of a wool/polyester blend ASTROKNIT™ which is breathable and ergonomic, keeping little travelers comfortable. Pico’s frame sections are covered with a rugged polyester material.

The Pico is a great spare seat for a babysitter, nanny, or grandparents. It folds small to easily stow or go.

We’re loving the new Wayb Pico Booster and hope to have it soon!

Price: $320

Order your Wayb Pico Booster seat at PishPosh baby >

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