ingarden-kennguardkids-footrest-6Pack the bags, have the snacks and grab the car seats. Every parent knows when it comes to traveling with children it’s never quite as easy as it seems. KneeGuard Kid Footrest provides a comfortable and stable Footrest for your child’s legs and will change your travel experience tremendously. Car rides will be comfortable for your child, less of a mess and more of the fun.


Why KneeGuard Kid Footrest? Not only does this product allow kids to sit more comfortably during car rides by eliminating leg cramping and numbness, it also improves blood circulation and relives strains on knees and thighs. It is crash tested and passed federal motor vehicle safety standards, so parents can be assured their child is safe. It is perfect for toddler seats and children booster seats.



This footrest has a height control bar so it can grow with your child. It also has load support leg , foot plate and an angle support switch,




This product was created by a parent for a parent. A dad of two wanted his children to be comfortable during car rides so he went to work. After extensive research he created a footrest so children have stability when they are in the car.


KneeGuard Kid Footrest starts at $49.99 and is going to be your favorite car seat accessory.