The new Cybex E-Priam is simply mind blowing! We just had Cybex down here this morning to show us exactly how it works and guys – it’s really as cool as it sounds. And it really works!

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So how does the Cybex Priam3 compare to the E-Priam? What are the differences?

The Cybex E-Priam takes the beloved Priam3 stroller and ampts it up with a built-in engine that kicks it when you put any sort of resistance on the handlebar. The engine easily can be switched on or off so you can decide when you want to use it. There are hidden sensors beneath the leather on the handlebar that feel you pushing and that is what turns on the engine in the wheels. The battery pack holds from 7-24 hours of charge and simply snaps off from the rear axle bar to be charged.  Say you are pushing on rough terrain, switch on the engine and continue to push. You will feel the stroller actually start to move itself!

If you put the Cybex Priam and E-Priam side by side, you will notice the difference in both the handlebar and the frame. The handlebar on the E-Priam is a bit more squared, and of course there is a thicker rear axle bar with the engine. The actual seats on both strollers are the same. If you already own the Priam stroller and really want the new technology, you can purchase a new E-Priam frame and use with your existing seat.

Cybex Priam vs E-Priam Weight

The E-Priam weighs just 5 lbs more than the standard Priam stroller, because of the engine and battery pack. That weight isn’t that significant, considering that the stroller will be pushing itself (wild!). The Priam3 weighs 28 lbs vs the ePriam at 33 lbs.

Cybex Priam vs E-Priam Price

The Priam3 retails for $999-$1049, while the new E-Priam retails for $1399-1449.

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