Bugaboo Lynx vs Uppababy Cruz: In-depth Comparison



The Bugaboo Lynx is Bugaboo’s version of a full size stroller with a lightweight footprint. This stroller is very similar to the Fox without all of the extra space. The Lynx is Bugaboos latest stroller to hit markets and with it’s lightweight feel people are raving about it. It is an amazing travel system when paired with the Bugaboo turtle as it is a seamless fit without the need for adapters. The Lynx better compares to Uppababy Cruz which is also a single stroller.



The Uppababy Cruz is for the busy mom who wants something stylish,easy and practical. With it’s amazing stylish look and easy features this stroller is a force to be reckoned with. 



The Cruz is bigger at 37″ L x 22.3″ W x 40.5″ H while the Lynx is 23.6″ W x 20.5″ L.

Lynx Vista
Lynx                                                                                                                        Cruz


Both have an SPF 50 canopy with a peekaboo window. They are both adjustable and extendable.

Lynx Cruz
Lynx Cruz

Lynx Seats

Bugaboo Lynx is a single stroller with many features. It’s no re-thread shoulder straps and a five point harness make it easy to grow with your family. The Lynx has a two handed recline and completely reversible. The seat itself has a 50 lbs weight capacity which still stands when the seat is used independently from the stroller.  The coolest thing about the Bugaboo Lynx is it’s pairing with the Bugaboo Turtle. The Lynx is newborn compatible and the bassinet can be purchased separately. The Lynx does not need adapters to pair with the Turtle. 

lynx seatCruz Seats 

UPPAbaby Cruz is a stroller that can grow with your baby. There are 3 options for infant seating, a parent can purchase an additional bassinet and infant SnugSeat. The toddler seat has an easy 5 point harness makes sure your baby is secure and safe.The seats are reversible so you have the option for your child to face the world or just face the parent. The seats also have a one-handed, multi-position recline. The seat height and head height are adjustable and is able to accommodate taller children.



Cruz clocks in at 37″ L x 22.3″ W x 40.5″ H and 21.5 lb. It is small but mighty and can hold up to 50 lbs. The NEW Bugaboo Lynx weighs 20.1 lbs and also has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. The Lynx is meant to be a full size stroller with a lightweight footprint.


Wheels & Suspension

The Lynx wheels measure 7”/ 11.4”. The Lynx has lockable swivel front wheels as well as front wheel suspension. The wheels for the Cruz are 8.25” and made of AiorGo which is foam filled plastic designed to absorb every pothole and crack the outside world provides. Both have very friendly foot breaks, 

Lynx Cruz
                            Lynx                        Cruz


Lynx Cruz
                          Lynx                                                                  Cruz

Under Seat Basket

Both under seat baskets hold a plethora of baby gear. The Uppababy Cruz can hold up to 25 lb and the Lynx can hold up to 22 lbs. 

Lynx Cruz
Lynx                                       Cruz 


Both handlebars are adjustable and can be adjusted to parents preferences.



The Cruz folds up to 17″L x 22.3″W x 36″H while the Lynx folds up 23.62 x 23.62 x 34.65.

Lynx Cruz
Lynx                         Cruz 


Both the Lynx and the Cruz has bassinets that can be purchased separately. 


Lynx starts at $899 and the Cruz starts at $549.99.

Check out our comparison chart down bellow ⇓

Dimensions 23.6″ W x 20.5″ L 37″ L x 22.3″ W x 40.5″ H
Folded Dimensions 23.62 x 23.62 x 34.65 17″L x 22.3″W x 36″H
Weight 20.7 lbs 21.5 lb
Weight Capacity 50 lbs Suitable to 50 lbs Suitable from birth when used with the bassinet, car seat, or Infant SnugSeat
Wheel Size 7″/ 11.4″ 8.25″
Wheel Type Foam filled rubber AiorGo
Basket Size 22 lbs capacity 25 lbs
Suspension Front wheel Front wheel suspension
Ease-of-Fold 1 step compact 1 step compact
Reversible Seat
Canopy peekaboo window peekaboo window
Recline 2 hand recline, 3 position One-handed, multi-position
Lockable Front Wheels
Adjustable handlebar
Bassinet Available Not included Not included
Price $899 $549.99

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